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Anti-distracted driving apps


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda


As you may already know, just recently, the Anti-Distracted Driving Act has been implemented. The law hinders the use of electronic devices and mobile phones while driving and when stopped at a red light.  While behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, you cannot hold your phone, send/receive text message and make/receive calls.  Watching, playing or calculating with the use of any electronic device is prohibited as well.  Basically, it covers anything that could distract or restrict your focus while on the road.  This law can cost you a hefty fine.  It can even send you behind bars.  Wistfully, the above-mentioned acts that have turned in to bad habits are hard to break.  So, why not try these apps to help you easily adapt with the Anti-Distracted Driving Law.



— With its “Do not Disturb” mode, you can easily ignore incoming calls and messages.  If you just have to get that message, you can have your messages read out loud to you instead. It also works with some third party apps on your smartphone. The best part is that this app is free for both Android and iOs.

Drivesafe Mode

— This app was invented by a parent. With this app, you can always have someone looking out for you.  The app automatically activates when your car engine starts. It notifies your loved ones when you are using and or trying to access applications on your phone while you are driving.


— Available only on Android devices, Live2Txt silences all notifications to prevent you from getting distracted. It will send out messages to those who are trying to contact you that you are currently driving.


— When you are driving, MessageLOUD automatically turns on. It will read out loud your text messages, emails, and other notifications. It has a user-friendly interface that gives you options to delete, dismiss, auto-reply or call back.


— Lifesaver lives up to its name by serving as a GPS that instantly locks the driver’s phone when the car is in motion. It will automatically detect and block phone functions when driver is on the road. It will also notify your loved ones once the phone is unlocked while you are still on the road.

iOs 11

— Apple’s new update comes with a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode. It automatically turns on when it detects car motion. The DND While Driving will keep all notifications on the low by dimming the screen’s lights. It silences incoming calls, messages and notifications. You can set an auto-reply for your favorite contacts to inform them that you are currently behind the wheel.  Phone calls can only be allowed when the iPhone is connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth or a hands-free accessory.

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