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Windows Upgrade

Not the One Installed In Your Computer


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

We’re pretty sure you agree with us when we say your home window deserves to be treated well – one of the reasons being that these portals are in plain sight. There are different windows for different folks. Some homeowners prefer to be practical and choose blinds over curtains because they are easy to maintain. Then there are ones who pull out all the stops and choose the grandest curtains to spruce up their home’s interiors.

Whatever a homeowner decides on, window treatments are employed for both function and style. They provide privacy, help control a room’s temperature, and blocks off or let light into a home. Window treatments do not just enhance the appearance of windows; its effects extend to the overall feel of an entire room. They can transform rooms from a place of work to a place of rest – and the other way around. You can dress up your windows in different ways based on your budget and style of choice. Get inspired with these window treatments as you create the signature look you want for your home.


Made for Shades.

If your goal with your windows is to cover up the sun, see if Roman shades will do the trick. Unlike curtains, these stackup evenly when opened. A cord mechanism is used to open this type of shade, with a cord running vertically on the outdoor side to evenly space horizontal rods. This way, a neat, evenly stacked set of shades can be seen on the inside while you control the amount of light that enters a room. Roman shades are different from roller shades or roller blinds that use a rolling mechanism. Instead of a stacked appearance, roller shades roll up like a tube when completely rolled up.


Cheers for sheers.

If you love letting natural light into your home, lightweight curtains or sheers were made for you. They do not provide that much privacy though compared to curtains or drapes but they are said to never go out of style. According to Yanic Simard of, sheers “can work with a modern or traditional look, and anything in between.” In his piece The Many Reasons to Embrace Sheer Curtains, the writer says this type of window treatment “allows light and shapes to filter through (and) work extremely well as a wall-to-wall treatment, creating a continuous backdrop that anchors a room without completely hiding architectural features.”


Go for drapes.

If you find the curtain material too light, consider having drapes in your home instead. People who prefer to keep natural light out of their bedroom most of the time go for drapes because they are made of heavy fabric. When purchasing drapes, as with curtains, ensure that you are armed with measurements before going to the mall. Consider the length it will take to completely block off light both on the side of the windows and on the floor. Add at least four inches on both sides, experts suggest.


Curtain call.

Curtains are probably the most popular type of window treatment. They come in different colors and prints to match any home.Curtains can be found in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms as the market offers them in different materials and textures. A set that comes in either a bold color or prints can become the statement piece of any plain room. When choosing curtains, see how they can complement other parts of the room you are buying them for. Will they blend with the color of your couch or carpet, and match at least a few sets of your bedroom linen? Going for a style that departs from your usual choices can be costly, as you may want to update an entire room because your new curtain set simply doesn’t match.


Don’t Mind Having Blinds.

If you are deciding on having blinds installed on your windows, Self-proclaimed “window covering nerds” at says you have at least five things to consider: the amount of light you want to control, cost, shape of your window, visual impact, and insulation. The Texas-based company says there are different types of blinds you can choose from, including cellular shades that allow a clear view when the blinds are completely open. According to the Texas-based firm, window treatments can make or break a home. Choose wisely as these may be long-term investments that will cost more to replace sooner than you would want to.

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