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Have you heard of Sylfirm?

Introducing: The newest technology available for melasma and rosacea


By Dr. Kaycee Reyes


One of the things that make living in this day and age so wonderful is that we have the ability to continuously come up with new solutions and make new advancements when it comes to our health and beauty concerns. The concerns that people have regarding treatments, such as the amount of downtime and invasiveness, time spent on each treatment, how painful it is, and even price points of treatments continue to evolve and refine themselves, so that treatments, operations, and procedures that work just fine are made even better, more effective, more precise.

Take laser treatments to solve fine wrinkles, melasma, rosacea or facial blushing for example. While laser treatments are still offered as a solution to these skin problems, there are newer technologies available for their treatment, especially for melasma.

Feeling frustrated or let down is never a good feeling, so if you want to skip all that and go for a more long lasting solution that gives results, ask your dermatologist or skin specialist regarding combination treatment of proven procedures and newest discoveries. One good example of a good innovative treatment is Sylfirm. An invasive bipolar radiofrequency technology that was developed in Silicon Valley in the US, this device generates electrothermal reaction in target tissues by converting electrical current into heat energy, depending on the resistance of the tissue. Since Sylfirm preferentially targets dermal vessels due to high conductivity of the dermis (the skin below the epidermis) compared to the epidermis (the outmost layer of your skin), it effectively avoids damaging overlying pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) in the epidermis thus, lessening incidence of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Sylfirm then targets abnormal blood vessels in the dermis, which contribute to rosacea and melasma pathogenesis. In comparison to laser treatment that is effective but may damage the melanosomes in the basal membrane of epidermis, Sylfirm treats the skin problem from its root cause without losing the integrity of the epidermis.

How does it do it, exactly? Sylfirm safely coagulates or puts together the over proliferated blood vessels in your skin, and targets it efficiently to get rid of it. Imagine it as a magnet for abnormal blood vessels, putting all that redness or discoloration together, and then zapping it out, but leaving the normal blood vessels untouched and intact. Doesn’t that sound so safe and efficient?

Ideal for those who have melasma, extreme blushing, and rosacea, Sylfirm also blocks melanin from moving from your epidermis to your dermis by making your basement membrane strong. Think of the basement membrane as the wall that is between your epidermis and your dermis. If the wall is strong, it keeps what’s within well protected and away from harm.

One of the best things about Sylfirm is that it improves the overall appearance of your skin, making it the first multi-treatment that deals with all skin concerns. If you’ve got fine lines, dull skin, acne scars, big pores, or just want to look fresh and healthy, it does all of that for your skin along with solving your main skin concern—what a great after effect! Some patients claim that the treatments don’t hurt, and has no downtime, meaning there’s no redness or signs that make it obvious you had something done.

While the frequency and the number of treatments of Sylfirm may vary depending on each person’s skin concerns, it usually takes five to 10 treatment sessions at two to three week intervals to get you in the clear. While this isn’t exactly a magic bullet that gives you clear skin after one treatment, some patients have claimed significant results have appeared after at least two to three treatments. Some say that after a few treatments, there’s noticeably healthy and cleaner-looking skin. If the number of sessions still sounds still too long for you, bear in mind that the best thing to do to control skin aging/pigmentation/flushing is via maintenance. Right now, Sylfirm is relatively new and very promising in the market. It does not, however, mean that this is the best solution for your skin condition. Always be reminded that there are various technologies available today. It’s finding the right assessment of your skin condition and best combination treatment solution that matters in the end.

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