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Magnum fellowship


By Raffy Paredes

The Magnum Foundation is accepting applications for its Photography and Social Justice Fellowship until November 30, 2017. Photography and Social Justice Fellows are selected through an open, international call for applications. Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellows are early-career photographers or individuals trained in aligned disciplines who are motivated to deepen their engagement with photography and visual storytelling. They are part of social, political, or cultural groups who are currently or historically oppressed or excluded, and come from communities around the world where freedom of expression is limited. This program especially aims to support people of color, women, gender non-conforming individuals, LGBTQ individuals, people who are part of racial, ethnic, or religious minority groups, and others whose authorship is unevenly represented within the field of documentary photography. Refugees are welcome to apply. Visit for more information.

  • Muelle Loney 360 Degrees (Edwin Mike Rafael)

  • Lit Of Amens (Winnie Atienza Banatlao)

  • Untitled (Paul Magnaye)

  • Couple Selfie (Eric Von Perez)

  • Hope (Michaella Estocado)

  • Paoay Church (Manny Gacuma)

  • Untitled (Junn Davad)

  • Lead Light (Markttine Coronado

  • Bridal Couture 5 (Robin C.Tuazon)

  • Skydome (Cherry DV. Agoyaoy)

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    And now to our featured readers.

    The photo titled “Hope” comes from Grade 11 student Michaella Estocado whose photo won in their school’s Social Science Photography Challenge. The photo was submitted by Leo Dilay, school instructor and a contributor to this column. He writes: “I want to inspire her to experience  the joy of photography and to expose her to different avenues like your column to showcase her talent.”

    Cherry Agoyaoy shares “Skydome” a black-and-white photo taken with her smartphone. “This unedited photo was taken using during a mall sale,” writes Cherry. “I was not able to purchase anything during the sale but I was able to leave with a photo that I absolutely love. It is nice to get back to my mobile photography roots.”

    From Edwin Rafael is the panoramic photo “Muelle Loney 360 Degrees.” He writes: “Muelle Loney is the popular name of Iloilo River’s Wharf. Muelle is a Spanish term for wharf and Loney was the British Vice-consul, Nicholas Loney, who was the man behind what used to be the flourishing sugar industry in Iloilo City.”

    Eric Von Perez sent in the black-and-white “Couple Selfie” with Corniche, Doha, Qatar in the background. He says he just loves “the simplicity of this photo.”

    Paul Magnaye shares an untitled photo of a young boy rolling a tire on a dusty road. “The photo defines the plainness and simplicity of life,” writes Paul, “without any streaks of modern technologies, expensive gadgets, and even the presence and influence of social media. I captured this photo for the reason that this kid reminds me of how the children and my childhood days were surrounded by pure innocence.”

    Deaf photographer Robin Tuazon submitted the fashion photo, “Bridal Couture 5.” Robin shares that he expresses himself through his photography. He shares that natural beauty and the wonderful elements of nature reassurehim “that life is beautiful—full of miracles and blessing.”

    From San Pablo City, Laguna, Winnie Atienza Banatlao shares the photo of candles titled “Lit of Amens.”

    Markttine Coronado contributed “Lead Light.” The night photo, “Paoay Church” comes from Manny Gacuma. And from Junn Davad is a black-and-white landscape photo.

    Readers may now view issues of Picture Perfect including this column at For comments, suggestions or just to share an image or idea, email or

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