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Chores by the Minute

As They Say, Every Second Counts!


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila


Invariably, there is never enough time to accomplish our chores. We may target to do so many things during long weekends or holidays but end up leaving items uncrossed on our to-do list. There are tasks that might have been there, yet we still end up foregoing them completely. In the end, we face consequences like losing an investment because we did not have time to accomplish a form or miss out on having an appliance fixed for free due to an expired warranty.

Well, why don’t we match the amount of free time we could have (or spare) daily with our pending chores? Whether you have five minutes or an entire day to dedicate to checking things on your list, the goal is to able to have quick wins. Being able to do this will lessen theload many of us always carry when it comes tonever-ending chores waiting to be done at home.


  • Clean basic bathroom points.

You can tackle your counter, mirror, sink, and shower curtain in this span of time.

  • Clear the living-room table.

You may find things that do not belong there, especially if this is a busy corner in your home. If your table just needs dusting, clean your remote controls while you are at it. Many studies have found that the remote control is one of the most bacteria-contaminated items in any home – in addition to the bathroom toilet, sink, and bedside lamps.

  • Remove unnecessary items in from your gadget.

This is a chore that many need to do because it adds to the mental clutter we have. Delete apps you have not used, photos that were taken by accident or you have multiple copies of, and even text messages you no longer need. Doing this allows you to free up vital memory space as well.


  • Make that call.

Call the cable company if you want to change your subscription plan. Ask your mobile provider if you can avail of a free phone in your plan soon. Inquire about a travel package from an agency.

  • Change towels.

Experts suggest changing bathroom and kitchen towels every three days, depending on how heavily they are used. And while at it, check if the mats need to be replaced, too. Doing this prevents cross-contamination of germs and bacteria in your home.

  • Attend to a paper pile.

Identify documents for recycling, shredding, or those that need urgent attention like bills. Remember that you only have half an hour, so choose a pile wisely. It could be the reminders on your fridge, the stack beside your bed, or a drawer in your home office. Use paper clips to mark next actions for papers you have dealt with so when you continue, you know exactly where to pick up.

  • Check your pantry.

See if any canned goods have expired or are near expiry. Group what you need to consume soon and prioritize for your meals this weekend. Diligently clean shelves to remove crumbs. Clean containers of herbs, if any. Make sure shelves are dry before you return any items.

  • Clean the microwave oven.

This is one of many appliances at home that is often used but not cleaned regularly. Use a mix of chopped-up lemon, lime or orange, and vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl, says Lauren Smith of Turn the machine on high for several minutes Let it cool for 15 minutes before removing the bowl and wiping the inside with a sponge. Do not forget to dust off the exterior, Smith says in the piece How to Clean All the Grime on Your Microwave. An all-purpose cleaner should do the trick. Spray the cleaner on the cloth or sponge you are using to clean instead of the appliance to be safe.


  • Attend to a forgotten area.

Like behind your television set, or under the kitchen sink or stairway. Dispose of items no longer used, or see what you can donate or sell online. These areas could also be your windows, doors, or even your gate!

  • Go under.

Move the refrigerator, stove, washing machine, a bookshelf, or your bed. Sweep the area, clean the floor, and let it breathe for a few minutes before returning the appliance or piece of furniture.

  • Look up!

It’s time to clean your lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, air-conditioner, and vents.If you have more time, attend to your lampshades and electric fans as well.

  • Clean your go-to items.

When was the last time you cleaned your shoes or bags? Take the time to do this in order to maintain their quality and prolong useful life. Include going through your daily wallet as well. Remove receipts or memberships cards no longer needed.

  • Vacuum your rugs and carpets.

And if needed, hang them out to dry.

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