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Stories behind the Christmas Wrapping



I had to spend Christmas in Singapore last year. I was in a rush to find something easy to carry, useful, and unique for my friends over there. I decided to create some handmade bookmarks using the materials I bought from National Book Store. They have these shelves full of colorful scrapbook papers which I cut out and assembled into different shapes and designs. —Iyan De Jesus, artist


At National Book Store during the holidays in 2014, my son Asher and I splurged on art supplies, coloring supplies, and books for an orphanage close to our hearts, Bahay Maria. It was such a heartwarming memory. —Cat Arambulo Antonio, mom blogger


I remember one Christmas, I must have been 11, my siblings and I wanted to make something special for Mom and Dad. We didn’t have much money, but we did have these amazing arts and crafts project books that my parents bought us from National Book Store. We flipped through the pages and decided that we would make them a homemade Christmas lantern as a token present. We asked our Grandma to take us to National Book Store and there we purchased different colors of cartolina, as well as crepe paper. We followed the instructions of the arts and crafts book, and cut the cartolina into uniform-sized round pieces. We folded the edges and stapled them together. The end result was a round, globe-like lantern made of colored board. We then wrote our own personal dedications all around it. For the tail, we cut up the crepe paper as the instructions directed, and I have to admit the end result was really quite impressive! We hung the lantern in my parent’s room… and of course when they saw it, they were incredibly surprised and touched. Christmas really is about the gift of love. —Michelline Syjuco, artist


In grade school, we had a parol-making contest out of raw materials. My brother helped me make a parol out of palay with a manger in the middle made out of paper mache from newspaper. National Book Store had everything I needed to put the parol together from cardboards and glue stick to glitter. And though I did not win the contest, I was very proud to give it to my mom as a present. The joy in her face made making the parol worth it. —Eunice Moral, book blogger


Once I made a dozen “travel souvenir boxes” as Christmas presents for my friends. I bought several copies of the world map, cardboards, colored ribbons, and glue from National Book Store a week before Christmas and made several boxes. I cut the geographical shape of our travel destination from the map, typed each name of our visited destinations (including dates of vacation) like Lisbon, Seville etc., and then cut the shape and used the glue to paste it onto the box’s lid. It was a perfect Christmas idea for my friends that told the stories of our travels. And it was perfect also because they could use the boxes to store their trinkets, coins from the trips, and other small souvenirs, which otherwise could have been easily lost. —Lesley Mobo, fashion designer


In college, I won best décor at a Christmas competition. I did a stained glass belen that we placed on the windows of the College of Business Administration lobby at UP-Diliman. That was made with cheap board, lots of colored cellophane, papel de hapon, Elmer’s glue, and many others, all of which I bought at National Book Store at SM North Edsa. It was really a masterpiece made of humble materials, all easily available, thanks to National Book Store.  —Suiee Suarez, communication specialist


At National Book Store, I love scouring the scrapbook section where I find natural papers, twine, and trimmings to add to my gift wrapping ensemble. I also love giving art supplies as gifts. A home with children can never have enough crayons, color pencils, and paint.  —Hindy Weber Tantoco, farm advocate, designer


Christmas is really a time for making beautiful memories. All throughout my life National Book Store has been my go-to place for making my presents extra special. From finding special ribbons and boxes when baking cupcakes and cookies to putting our presents in ready-to-go beautiful gift bags, NBS has helped me so much through the years. Recently, I even bought Christmas decor for my tree and my kids used them for decorating! We used the colored pens and scissors and art paper and ribbons to make the precious handwritten cards and artwork of my little girls for their lolos and lolas. Even the National Book Store gift certificates from our wedding were put to good use! I am such a fan! —Carissa Cruz Evangelista, designer

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