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Jump-start your basal metabolic rate with SweatSkin


In 2008, at the peak of his swimming career, Michael Phelps was known to be burning almost 12,000 calories a day. That’s roughly 2.2 kilograms of chocolate bars processed per day. So, how did he do it?

There were three main factors.  Each will not be as effective individually but when combined can give rise to what Charlie Munger describes as a Lollapalooza effect, which is a really just another way of saying “Incredible.”


The first–and most obvious–is he is a world-class athlete exercising 6 to 7 hours a day.

The two lesser known–but equally important–factors are: (1) Enduring metabolic boosters. (2) The incredible power of thermogenesis.

What is metabolic boosting? Studies have shown that exercising naturally increases one’s metabolic rates, but this increase does not end when the exercise is over.  In fact, it continues throughout the day at a slowly reducing pace.

This means, for a typical person who does not exercise, they will burn 1,500 calories a day which translates to 125 calories per hours.

However, if one were to exercise in the morning (like Michael Phelps), metabolic rates have been shown to increase by more than 90 percent before tapering off.


To maintain this metabolic rate, one would usually need to exercise every 5 hours, which makes zero sense for the normal non-Instagram influencer who can exercise all day.

As most girls do not have the time for this kind of exercise schedule, this is where SweatSkin comes in. And also where Thermogenesis comes in.

Thermogenesis is essentially the passive increase and maintenance of a higher basal metabolic rate. This can be done two ways.

The first is food. Caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate, catechins in green, white and oolong tea, and capsaicins in red chili peppers can promote weight loss by temporarily increasing thermogenesis in your body.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2005 reports that eating these thermogenic ingredients can boost a person’s metabolism by 4 percent to 5 percent and fat burning by 10 percent to 16 percent.

The second and more effective way is via sustained higher body heat. People commonly associate weight loss in exercise to the muscle contraction during workouts. What they often forget is that a lot of calories is actually burned through heat dissipation by the body. The higher the body temperature (up to a point), the higher the caloric burn. In addition, as your body heat increases,


Sweat Skin air series heat pants was specifically designed for this purpose–to help maintain body heat after a workout or, for the more passive people, to significantly increase  basal body heat as you go about your day.

To combine all these factors to work effectively to one’s favor, just follow these tips:

1) Exercise in the morning and, if one can manage, at night.

2) Wear heat pants during the day (Air Series Heatpants comes highly recommended)

3) Drink more green tea/coffee and eat more chili or garlic.  Add a little more garlic to your adobo or sinigang na baboy than usual.  This will work wonders!

At SweatSkin, big changes do come not from big actions but from the combination of small and yet collectively important actions.

For the busy bees, note that you don’t have to visit a gym to exercise. You will be surprised at the amount of heat and thermogenesis that can occur when you decide to just walk a little more briskly wearing SweatSkin heat pants.

For more information about SweatSkin, visit www.facebook.com/sweatskin, www.sweat-skin.com

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