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Those lips, those eyes

Aging isn’t the only thing that’s making us look old—there’s also stress! Counter the effects with two new products from Dermalogica


By Liza Ilarde

To apply, use the cooling massage applicator. To use as a mask, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then massage in

To apply, use the cooling massage applicator. To use as a mask, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then massage in

We Filipinos are no strangers to daily stress. We stress about the never-ending traffic, the angry Facebook posts about our government, or even the little things like burnt toast. So why do we stress so much? It’s because we care. We care about making it in time for a family dinner, we care about our country, and we care about having a healthy breakfast.


Unfortunately, that constant stress wreaks havoc on our skin, especially around the eyes, which can look dark and tired; and the mouth, which tends to tense up. To counter these effects, Dermalogica, the beauty brand that emphasizes “skin health,” created two new products that target the eyes and lips specifically.3

But beauty products are not enough—with this, the user must also change her mindset when it comes to stress. Dermalogica believes that we can “stress better”—in other words, use stress to push ourselves to become smarter, healthier, more compassionate, and more successful, among other things. They want you to keep in mind: “Stress makes me stronger.” This improved state of mind may help aid the results of your skin treatment, and responding positively to stress may increase skin recovery.

Stress Positive Eye Lift (P3,550) is a cooling cream gel that energizes the skin around the eyes to reduce the signs of stress, such as dehydration, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Its ingredients like wild indigo seed extract, sea water extract, arctic algae, and hyaluronic acid blend work together to brighten, lift, and de-puff the eyes. For best results, be sure to follow the steps on how to apply and massage it onto the area below the brows and under the eyes.

Nightly Lip Treatment (P2,450) is a lipline-smoothing cream that you apply before you go to bed—it works on those laugh lines overnight! The rich formula firms, hydrates, and restores skin on and around the lips while you sleep (it works with skin’s natural circadian rhythm and at nighttime when cells are in regeneration mode).

A product like this is a must because our lips have no sweat glands and cannot produce their own moisture. Aside from that, the epidermis layer in lips is thinner, making it more vulnerable to damage and lines. If you have full lips right now, they may become thinner as you age, due to loss of collagen and elastin. And simple everyday acts like sipping from a straw, whistling, smoking, or even kissing can form vertical (or feather) lines above the upper lip.

So are your lips “aging” you? Take a fun test on, where you upload a selfie. The result may surprise you!

Dermalogica is available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La

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