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The Carnivore’s Guide to a memorable Valentine’s Day for your vegan GF


By Jaclyn Abergas

So your partner is vegan and you are not. How do you make Valentine’s plans to make the day memorable for your vegan girlfriend?

It’s not as impossible as you think it may be.

1. Go vegan for a day or for the entire month.

This is definitely the best gift you can give to your girlfriend. This will surpass all other gifts you will ever give her. This will make her forget all those times you forgot to give her a gift for your anniversary, her birthday, Christmas, and other Valentine’s celebrations. She will love the effort you’ll give just so you can be vegan with her.

Greenery Kitchen

Greenery Kitchen

2. Recreate her favorite vegan dish.

Do you know what her favorite vegan dish is? Do you know that one (or three) vegan dish that makes her forget everything else? Learn how to make it for her and make it the best dish she’s ever had. If you’re unsure how to make it, contact the different vegan chefs in the Philippines to help you. Get in touch with Kitchen Revolution, Leaf Kitchen, Greenery Kitchen, and The Vegetarian Kitchen for cooking assistance.

3. Take a vegan cooking class together.

This one more or less combines both #1 and #2. But she will love this because you’ll be learning and doing the cooking together. And it’s always fun to share this kind of experience with the person you love.

NT sweat

NT sweat

4. Go to Jivamukti yoga or NT Sweat class with her.

Jivamukti Yoga and NT Sweat classes both embody and breathe the vegan consciousness. These activities are not easy so the fact that you want to experience it with her is simply heart-warming. Check out Jivamukti yoga classes at Yoga+ and Bliss Yoga manila. And take NT Sweat classes with Nikki Torrest at Yoga Hive in Makati.

5. Have a movie marathon with her on Netflix, watching Okja, Rotten, or Cowspiracy while munching on chichashroom.

There are so many vegan documentaries and films now on Netflix and most vegans want to be have the opportunity to watch it with the people they love. Do it for her. Keep an open mind and watch these movies with her.

Reasons Cafe

Reasons Cafe

6. Go on a Roadtrip. 

Pack a vegan breakfast on the way to have lunch at Reasons in Lucena. Take a pottery class at Ugu Bigyan’sPottery Studio in Tiaong, Quezon after lunch and end the day at Satya Graha Cafe in Los Banos, Laguna. You can also opt to book a room at Ugu Bigyan’s garden and enjoy your day out of the city.

Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village

7. Book a couple’s massage at nurture wellness village in Tagaytay and arrange a vegan lunch/dinner for the two of you. 

Call Nurture Wellness Village in advance to arrange this so that when you get there, everything is already set up, including the food. You can stay for the day. Or you can stay overnight, so you can really enjoy the massage and spa treatments you’ll be getting.

These are a few suggestions you can do for your vegan girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s. To be honest, they’re not very different from what most non-vegan couples do to celebrate. The only difference is that all these activities are mindful and cruelty-free. And that’s even better. You’re not only showing your love for your partner, but you’re extending that love outside the two people in your relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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