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It’s a Clean Sweep for the New Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner


By Len G. Amadora


Just recently, in Bangkok, Thailand, Dyson once again unleashed the power of the Dyson Digital Motor technology with the launch of the new Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner in Southeast Asia.   Known for turning a simple everyday appliance into something one of a kind, Dyson has always provided us with devices that are incomparable, powerful and stylish.  Remember how everyone went gaga over the sexy Supersonic hairdryer?  Thanks to its impressive digital motor V9, intelligent heat control and air multiplier technology, gorgeous locks are created for that crowning glory.  And how about Dyson’s bladeless fan; cool isn’t it?  Imagine a bladeless air multiplier and air purifier in one gorgeous appliance.  .

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, looking back, it was Dyson who spearheaded the bagless vacuum cleaner and it was in 1999 when Dyson introduced the battery-powered vacuum cleaner.   Needless to say, since the dawn of cordless vacuum cleaners, Dyson has always been on top of the list.  Just imagine the countless bending, plugging and unplugging, difficulty in navigating and reaching out to odd spaces because of that restricting cord!     Indeed, cutting the cord made life convenient and liberating.  Anything and everything that would make chores easier and more efficient is heaven sent.

The new Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner is the latest of the Dyson cordless vacuum family.  Similar to that of its predecessor, the new Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with the powerful Dyson digital motor V8 capable of spinning up to 110,000 rpm without losing suction power!  Equipped with HEPA filters, these filters catches indoor air pollution particles such as allergens and dust mites that are unknowingly lurking inside our homes; but apart from the incredible features mentioned, there is more to Dyson’s latest vacuum wonder.


1Firstly, the new Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner has increased Air Watts by 30%. What does this mean?

The efficiency or power of vacuum cleaners is measured by Air Watts (AW).  It refers to the amount of Watts to carry air through an opening.  It is the ability of the cleaner to suck dirt, hair, dust and, oh well, other undesirable small particles.  In ordinary circumstances, buyers usually think that the bigger the motor the better the suction power.  Although this may be the obvious, it is not quite true because there is such thing as suction loss.  Suction loss greatly affects the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency.  In reality with the addition of filters, hoses or tubes, suction loss happens. There are of course other factors that may contribute to suction loss; but basically, with a longer hose, users will, most often than not, notice a decrease or loss of suction power.   With the power of the Dyson digital motor V8 and 155 AW of suction power (greater by 30% in Air Watts compared to its predecessor), users are assured that there will be no loss or decrease in suction power.


2Secondly, the Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner is armed with the latest nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery.  During an interview with Sam Twist, Dyson Design Engineer, there is significant change in the battery chemistry of the latest Dyson V8.  “The batteries are designed to last.” says Twist. He says that the small package packs a punch. It is sealed safely and does not need to be replaced.  In low mode, the V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner can run up to 40 minutes without gradually losing strength.  Kind of reminds me what motivational speaker Robin Sharma once said, “Starting strong is good; but finishing strong is epic.” Do you know what else is impressive?  The powerful battery and motor are positioned so cleverly that the center of gravity is in line with the hand grip. The device is ergonomically designed not to cause user fatigue or discomfort even with 40-minutes of continuous use.


3And of course, what makes the latest Dyson V8 stand out is the carbon fibre brush bar.  Carbon fibre is a material that is quite popular in the aerospace, automotive and even the military industry because of its unique qualities.  It is a very strong material–5x stronger than steel-yet, it is lightweight.  It can tolerate excessive heat and has high tensile strength.  It was the aerospace industry who first adopted the use of the material many years ago.  The material was expensive then and is still expensive now.  And so, when asked,“Why use carbon fibre material in the latest Dyson V8?”,  Sam Twist replied, “We don’t want to shy away from cost when it provides benefits.” and indeed the use of carbon fibre in the brush bar brought a lot of benefits.  With the carbon fibre’s unique anti-static feature, the latest Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner captures more — from dirt and pet hair from carpets to fine dust and dirt from hard floors. It practically engulfs anything that comes its way and with 15 cyclones positioned in 2 tiers, the strong centrifugal force captures fine dust tossing it to the clear bin.  No need to worry if all the dust and dirt that you’ve captured will return back to the air.  The system is well sealed preventing this from happening.


“Dyson’s technology really shine when we put them into people’s hands giving them first-hand experience”, says Martyn Davies, Dyson’s General Manager for South East Asia.  Around the world, Dyson gives everyone the chance to experience their transformational technology through their 3rd party retailers and through their own Dyson Demo Spaces in their retail stores.  Here in Manila, you can visit their stores in SM Aura Premier, Greenbelt 5, Century City Mall and Greenhills Promenade.  The Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre Vacuum Cleaner is available starting today!

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