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Searching for Inspiration


By Amanda Griffin Jacob


So, here we are, nearing the end of the second month of the year, and I can say that I’ve been in a bit of rut when it comes to writing about my plethora of parenting experiences. This explains my six-week hiatus from this column. I’ve been searching for my vision. Not just for my writing but for my general career. I feel that this year is the year to overhaul my objectives. I want to create joy and passion within myself again but I’ve been feeling constricted and uninspired. So I decided to research and come up with ways to try to find my inspiration again.


Nothing calms and quiets my mind quite like being surrounded by trees and foliage. Concrete buildings, roads, and cars crowd my brain with unwanted noise that leaves me feeling lackluster. A change of scenery can be a catalyst for motivation.


Sweating it out helps to detoxify your mind as well as your body. It clears the cobwebs and encourages clarity when it comes to your thoughts. When looking for inspiration, yoga is probably the best form of exercise to help achieve this because the whole premise of yoga is peace of mind and body. Personally, running helps me get into a meditative state and I find some of my best ideas come when I’m in the zone. For others, hitting it hard in the gym can trigger brilliance.


Sometimes when I feel a little down, tired, or listless, I just watch my kids and they give me a much needed dose of gratitude. When I’m in this kind of funk, I don’t always need to interact with them because that in itself can be quite draining (energy-wise), but observing them and the delights they take in exploring the world, the innocence they possess when processing what they learn is quite magical and inspirational to see.

You can also draw encouragement from experts or regular people by browsing the internet and watching inspirational speakers. The internet can be an incredible resource when used for this purpose.


Sometimes all you need is a bit of silence. Our world is a very, very loud place, especially if you are a mother. Sometimes you just need to get those hours of silence so that you can hear yourself think. Some of my best ideas have materialized when I’ve been in the shower! Many swear by meditation. I have yet to master meditation but it has amazing regenerative effects for the mind and soul.

Disconnecting from the connectivity that rules our lives is also beneficial to those of us who feel unmotivated. Turn off your phone, computer, or iPad for a few hours and reconnect with yourself. Think about your ideas without the background noise of distraction.

There are many ways to try to find your inspiration. It’s just a question of being proactive about trying to get yourself out of that rut.

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