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The Benefits of Houseplants


By Samantha Nicole Alarilla

We all know that houseplants are great additions to any home; they’re aesthetically pleasing, visually stunning, and they make the environment a lot livelier and more refreshing. But did you know that they also have good physical and psychological effects? Indeed, nurturing a houseplant or two is good for you, and here are some of the many healthy benefits they provide:


Breathe easier

– During photosynthesis, plants absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and in turn, release oxygen. Thanks to this natural process, plants increase the oxygen levels of our homes and refresh and purify the air.

Sharpens focus

– Are you plagued with project after project and don’t feel focused enough for the workload?  Plants – especially when placedby your workstation — increase attentiveness and improve concentration. They promote greater memory retention and productivity as well. Houseplants are the most natural way to keep your mind on track with the task at hand and accomplish it as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Improved health

– Studies show that having houseplants decreases your fatigue and anxiety and help alleviate colds, headaches, coughs, sore throats, and flu-like symptoms. Scientists also observed lower heart rates and blood pressure in people who take care of houseplants or keep flowers by their bedside or windowsill.


Boosts mood

– Psychology has proven that seeing the vivid green makes us feel more calm and relaxed, therefore reducing our stress levels and alleviating anxieties. The bright and lively colors of flowers on the other hand cultivate positivity and optimism within us, instantly cheering us up whenever we look at them. Houseplants make our homes a calmer and more positive environment we can happily return to after a long, exhausting day.

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