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A Touch of Heaven

The world famous skin-care treatment that uses bee venom is finally here in the Philippines and it’s time to find out what the buzz is all about


By Maggie F. Francisco

  • Heaven by Deborah Mitchell’s bee venom masks are available in three variants: Silver (35% bee venom concentration), Black (75%), and Gold (100%)

  • By doing very specific facial strokes, the facialist is actually releasing the toxins from your body

  • These facial oil serums can rejuvenate and regenerate skin with just one drop

  • Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is now open at the Shangri-La Plaza East Wing

    It was almost the end of my working day when I scheduled my appointment at Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, a new skin-care center located at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, which houses one of UK’s most preferred skin-care line, which goes by the same name, featuring a range of all-natural, anti-aging skin-care products to help develop a radiant, flawless complexion and heal skin conditions.

    The brand has quite the endorsers—Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow, fashion designer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham, and singers Kylie and Dannii Minogue. It’s also said to be the go-to skin-care product of the British Royal Family’s Camila Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the same products all these women use, who am I to say no?

    Deborah Mitchell, the woman behind the revolutionary skin-care products, was determined to find a remedy to fight the first signs of aging without undergoing Botox. Having retained a lot of information about bees and honey when she was studying, and realizing her sister is a beekeeper and lives down the road from her, Deborah knew that she can find a natural alternative to Botox. After some experimentation, she was finally able to develop the patented Abeetoxin, a secret formula that includes bee venom, Manuka honey, and botulism (a natural form of toxin used in Botox, which can be harvested from a beehive).

    So there I was at the lounge of Heaven, talking to Kristine Chung, the brand’s local franchise owner, about the center and the facial I was about to try, Bee Sting Facial. Chung said, “The treatment is 60 minutes long. But after [the treatment], you will feel like you are very well-rested, like you’ve had eight hours of sleep.” Now that’s definitely something I was very excited to try. “All treatments at Heaven are holistic. So once we touch the head, we have to finish with the feet.”

    What makes Heaven’s facial treatment different from others is that there’s absolutely no pricking. “Our facialists went through training with Deborah [Mitchell] where she taught them a certain way how to massage a client’s face. By doing these very specific strokes, they are actually releasing the toxins from the body. That’s why you’ll feel very relaxed afterward.”

    Chung explained to me the three bee venom masks that Heaven carries—Silver, Black, and Gold. “The only difference between the three is the concentration of bee venom each mask has,” Chung said. “The silver has 35% bee venom, the black has 75%, and the gold has 100%.” They use the silver bee venom mask at the treatment, while the black and gold are used as maintenance at home.

    Chung also pointed out that because the bee venom masks undergo a certain process to make sure they are organic and natural, the gold bee venom mask only has limited production. “There are only 800 jars of the gold available worldwide—and I only have one.” Wow! Talk about a limited edition. But Chung said the gold is really used for mature and for sun-damaged skin.

    After a quick chat with Chung, I was led to one of the treatment rooms and was asked to take off my blouse and my pants and lie down on the bed. With that as a starting point, for sure, I was in for the most unique facial I was about to experience. Once I was comfortable and covered with blankets and towels, my facialist set to work, explaining every step of the process as she went.

    After washing my makeup off with a cleansing milk, she proceeded to use a gentle exfoliant on my face, neck, shoulders, and chest. She mentioned that I would feel a tingle and that was normal, and indeed I felt a bit of tingling on my neck. She then proceeded to tone my skin using a cool gel, which she said helps to hydrate and refine the skin. After toning, a relaxing massage on my face, neck, and arms began. I have to confess—it was also about the time I started to feel sleepy.

    Next, my facialist applied a mask. This was to help close the open pores, even out color tones, clear blackheads, and relax the lines. She then moved to the end of the bed and gave me a foot and leg reflexology massage. At this point, I was really seconds away to dreamland.

    After a while, she removed the mask (and my skin immediately felt moisturized), and then applied the bee venom mask. Again, I felt a mild tingling, but nothing painful at all. An eye cream was also used to help refresh and eliminate the puffiness and dark circles around the eye. After another brief head massage, the next thing I knew, the treatment was done—and it was the most heavenly (no pun intended) feeling I’ve ever had after a facial.

    I didn’t only feel an immediate effect after the treatment, I definitely saw it. My face was glowing and felt soft, smooth, and supple. People likewise complimented that my face looked thinner after.

    It really was the most relaxing treatment I have gotten in a long while—and I’ve pretty much tried a lot of them. It’s certainly something I would do again, most probably before a special occasion (Chung said it’s absolutely safe to put makeup soon after the treatment).


    Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is located at Lower Ground Floor Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Mandaluyong City. Open daily from 11am to 9pm. To book an appointment, call (+63917) 716-2882. For more info, follow @heavenskincarephilippines on Instagram

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