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The Season’s Sizzling To-do List Needs to Have These Items, Too


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila


Summer is undoubtedly the best season to get things done and fixed at home.  Households have budgetary breathing space as the scholars are already on school break. Science also tells us that we have longer days during summer – and more hours of illumination mean we can accomplish more tasks, particularly outdoor ones.

A checklist will be handy to help you maximize your budget and time. You might have three major things or 500 major and minor tasks combined; putting them all down on paper will help you stay on track. See if these five things should be part of your plan. Actually, we think they should be.

  • Make your home younger.

There are ways to give your home a new look, says Melanie Mannarino of You can patch walls or finish half-finished paint jobs, clean doors, or even replace light bulbs to transform the look of a room. In the article “20 Clever, Easy Tricks to Shave Years Off Your Home,” the writer also features expert tips, such as clearing your refrigerator of paper or magnets.Aside from possibly having some work done on your roof, check if your home’s exterior and gate need a fresh coat of paint.

  • Let go the right way.

We are all for you making space or having less to no clutter. Just remember to dispose of things the right way to lessen your home’s carbon footprint. Instead of throwing clothes away,give what you can to orphanages or to the Segunda Mana initiative of Caritas Manila. If they are no longer in good condition, you can put them in bags and donate them to retail stores who have textile-recycling initiatives. Even small items like batteries need to be properly disposed of. Alkaline types made since 1996 that are used for remote controls and toys can be thrown with your regular trash. However, old car batteries and recyclable ones need to be disposed through recycling stations as they are considered hazardous waste. Other categories you should review: the kitchen pantry and your beauty products for expired items, and books that can be donated or sold online.

  • Care for your greens.

Allocate time for your plants, whether you have a row of pots or an entire backyard to maintain. Check for tree branches and trim any that are near wires, your roof, windows, and air conditioners. These can bring damage to your home and compromise safety. You will pat yourself on the back for looking into these when the rains come. You may want to change some pots or incorporate new flowers to add some color to your garden. You may even want to start planting your own vegetables to serve some organic dishes at home! And while you are at it, check your tools for what needs cleaning or replacement. Your garden hose may have holes that need patching up.

  • Attend to interior matters.

Have a professional inspect your kitchen pipes, bathrooms, and fixtures for issues. Molds or leaks can lead to bigger problems (and spending). Distinguish what you can do yourself and where you need help with. If there is a coffee table, bookshelf or chair you have wanted to repaint or reapply varnish to, now is the best time. And if you’re cleaning, “clean mean,” particularly if you’re working on carpets, mattresses, pillows, stuffed toys, and even your barbeque grill. List items in your home that you may been remiss in cleaning like trash bins or your favorite armchair. If are blessed with sunny forecast all day, you can also clean your windows both from inside and outside your home, or thoroughly wash your pet’s cage.

  • Keep it cool.

Summer can prove to be a difficult season, as the heat might take a toll on our comfort and health. Have your airconditioners cleaned and checked by professionals during the summer months. Dirt could be the reason why you’re noticing a dip in the AC’s performance. Not only does your unit work extra hard, your electricity bill becomes extra high, too. Aside from air-conditioners, dust off your electric fans and ceiling fans as well. Revisit how your rooms are arranged to see if air is able to circulate well. Can you move your bed so that the airconditioner can cool the room better? Is a bookshelf blocking fresh air from entering your home?

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