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Say it with feeling: ‘Staycation!’

Sometimes, The Best Way to Unwind is To Stay Put


By Joyce Reyes-Aguila

Who is in for a vacation – at home? Sure, the idea seems boring. How can you have fun around all-too-familiar surroundings? Doesn’t vacation mean heading out somewhere via plane or car? And it should involve a tour, the beach, or some shopping, right? Well, not all the time.

If you have never tried planning home staycations or feel you are running out of ideas, keep reading. The unbearable heat has been keeping many of us indoors. Indeed, wouldn’t you rather stay at home than deal with hot temperatures outside? The scorching summer makes long drive out of the city not as fun during the day.Many plans get altered simply because it is too hot outside.

Home staycations cost less and require minimal effort. There is no need to pack, endure long lines, or deal with unpleasant fellow travelers. One of the main goals of a home staycation is to invite everyone to break away from their routines, and just relax and have fun together. To start you off, here are some ideas to help you change things up.


Host a vacation night.

Binge on a cooking-show marathon with your family while enjoying a grazing table you prepared.You can serve wine and non-alcoholic beverages for your kids to match your wonderful spread of fruits, nuts, cheese, and crackers! Watch scary documentaries or movies together or, even better, share ghost stories while grilling burgers or over ice cream after dinner.


Dinner reservations.

Enjoy an al fresco meal under the stars, suggests The Health Sessions on its site. According to the experts, introducing new ways of doing things releases dopamine, the happiness hormone, that stores information in your memory and creates new neural connections. Serve dinner in your garden or on your patio or terrace via a make-your-own kebab party. Let everyone choose a main dish, put them in skewers, and cook them on the grill. Keep everyone busy with some nachos or side dishes like grilled vegetables. Do not forget the unlimited fruit juice that guests can avail without paying extra!


Go out for a surprise treat.

This is like that last-minute decision to go out of your hotel room around bedtime! Research on new dessert or coffee places that close late at night. Treat everyone to crepes and milk shakes. Vacations are about breaking routines (not your budget). A short trip out of the house for some sweet treats will be a good getaway and will not require anyone to clean up after!


Water works.

A kiddie pool set up at home will surely excite your kids. But the sight of the kiddie pool with water guns, beach balls, and toys can be even more wonderful! You usually have to pay resorts to rent out extra props, right? Find a good time in the afternoon when the sun’s heat begins to relent.Pool time can be extended close to dinner (or even after). If you feel your kids will want a dip the next day, the water will still be good. Cover it with a fitted bedsheet overnight to keep insects away. If the water needs to be replaced, use the water in the pool for your plants, to wash rugs, or splash some on your garage pavement to cool it a little.


Pamper yourself with house calls.

Declare a spa day at home for everyone, including the kids. Schedule massage therapists for the grownups. Put your blackout curtains on, situate your lighting fixtures in corners where they will not be harsh to your eyes. Arrange for your little girls to be pampered with some worry-free, non-toxic nail polish. Treat everyone to a haircut at home. And just like any spa would, serve cold water with slices of lemon or orange so anyone can enjoy a cool drink anytime they want.


Loosen up.

Planning home staycations includes knowing how to set the tone. Has your living room always been too spic and span that barely anyone hangs out there to relax? Surprise everyone by “messing” things up a bit! Make the look of the room less predictable by mixing bold colors or introducing new prints to your throw pillows or cushion covers. Relocate some stuffed toys to the living room for a more fun feel. Clear the tables of coffee table books, vases, or figurines and set up a Bluetooth speaker, classic board games, and some snacks in their place. Vacations are about hanging out together,so creating an enjoyable space can help entice people out of their bedrooms.

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