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Stress less with these apps


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda


Mental health is one issue that should not be belittled. Stress is one inevitable part of everyday life; but, thankfully, there are many ways to cope with it. Do not let anxiety prevent you from enjoying what life offers you. Easier said than done, right?  Then why not learn how to manage disquietude?

There are apps offered on smartphones that can help relieve anxiety.  The best thing is, you can take it with you wherever go. Head on to your App Store or Google Play and search for these gems to help you cope with your uneasiness: (But do note that these apps were only meant to help and not completely replace professional help and treatment.)

1The Worry Box

— Anxiety is often the result of overthinking and creating scenarios in your mind that can get out of hand. What The Worry Box does is it lets you jot down your thoughts as what you do on a personal diary. Input your worries and the app will help you decide if the worry is unimportant, important, controllable, or uncontrollable.The app also helps suggest your next move and how you can deal with your worries.



— Pacifica has 5 different categories:  Mood, Relax, Thoughts, Experiments, and Health. The app serves many purposes; one of which is it helps you analyze your thinking patterns, and your triggers based on what you put on the record. You can also set your health goal and conduct daily anti-anxiety experiments.


3Nature Sounds Relax Help

— Nature can help calm the mind; even just the sound of it can do so much difference. Give yourself a time-out from all the stress and pop on your headphones. Nature Sounds Relax Help brings you back to nature with its thunder, ocean sounds, birds’ chirps, raindrops, and waterfalls sounds.



— Developed by The National Center for Telehealth & Technology, Breathe2Relax contains breathing exercises that can help obtain stability. The app guides you through diaphragmatic breathing, allows you to record your own stress level, and provides informative videos and graphics about the consequences of stress.


5Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help

— For those who suffer from panic disorders and panic attacks, this app could just be your best buddy. The app that serves as a diary also comes with three sets of audio for relaxation, panic assistance, and emotional training.The panic assistance audio is to coach users through a panic attack.   The emotional training audio brings users to a calm state, while the relaxation audio helps in having a relaxed and calm state.

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