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Teaching tots healthy eating habits


By Allyza Quirante

The dinner table is a place where parents instill good values and habits to their children. Among these lessons, we begin with importance of proper nutrition. With junk food all around us, educating kids on eating healthy at an early age is essential. Here are some simple ways we can impart good eating habits for our babies and tots.


Introducing food supplements early

When our kids start to play outside and get their hands dirty with their curiosity, they develop their social and motor skills. It helps build character. We love seeing our kids learn and grow from others, but as parents, we need to make sure that play doesn’t distract them from eating and staying healthy. FERN Kiddimin is a food supplement syrup that has vitamins and amino acids, including chlorella, taurine and lysine. This supplement aims to enhance mental quickness, stimulate a healthy appetite, and assist growth. Paired with healthy meals, it makes for your kid’s well-rounded nutrition.

FERN Kiddimin is available in bottles of 120mL and 60 mL in selected drugstores and FERN Kiosks nationwide.


Cooking up nutrient-rich meals for infants

Some of us were really picky eaters as children, and we know how hard it was for us to develop a better appreciation for food. This is why gradually introducing them to new flavors and textures as an infant will teach them how to enjoy tasty and nutritious meals. Cerelac offers a variety of infant cereals, like oats, wheat, and muesli, that you can pair with nutritious fruits and vegetables. Their fruity Nutripuffs cereal snack is great for our little ones who like to munch in between meals; it’s a good substitute for chips.

For more information, visit nestle.com.ph/brands/infantnutrition/cerelac.


Packing healthier drinks for their baon

By the time our kids head to school, we have to make sure that we maintain the healthy habits we started teaching them at home. Taking time to prepare their baon may be a bit time consuming, but knowing where their food comes from and how it’s prepared is worth waking up extra early in the morning for. Aside from fast food, we also want to limit our children’s consumption of soft drinks, which is why healthier alternatives like Welch’s fruit juices are a sweet swap for the fizzy cravings. The all natural alternative is high in fiber and vitamins that help the body function well, while giving our kids a tasty treat for snack time.

For more information about Welch’s fruit juices, visit welchs.com.

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