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Traveling locally

Locally encourages us to see more of the Philippines this summer


By Art Sta Ana

LOCAL FLAVORS With a drink for almost every locally grown fruit, Locally is a refreshing treat for warm afternoons. Gretchen King (rightmost photo), is the brand's product manager for Nutriasia.

LOCAL FLAVORS With a drink for almost every locally grown fruit, Locally is a refreshing treat for warm afternoons. Gretchen King (rightmost photo), is the brand’s product manager for Nutriasia.

“This is so good.”

I was looking out to the inviting waves of San Juan, La Union and this was my exact thought. I was taking a sip of a bottle of Locally’s “Mangga’t To Believe in Magic,” one of this Nutriasia innovative juice brand’s limited summer edition flavors, readying myself for the surfing session that was about to happen. I could’ve been talking about the beauty of “Elyu”, as La Union is now so fondly called, an unpragmatic mix of rustic provincial charm and sophisticated urban eloquence. I could’ve been talking about the breath that’s being taken away from me over and over as I continue to visit the different parts of the Philippines. I could’ve been talking about how good Green Mango surprisingly is, after all, in juice form. I could’ve been talking about all of them. Who’s to say? All I know was that it was so good.

Using the adjective “good” may be a disservice to Locally, if we’re being honest. There’s so much about this juice drink that’s impactful and impressive. Launched in 2015, the brand envisioned itself to encapsulate the goodness of the Philippines’ goodness in a bottle.The brand prides itself with being truly homegrown and local. Their products, after all, are all sourced from the local provinces and their flavors delightfully indigenous, a task that’s proven to be challenging at times.

“We had to find farmers and encourage them to produce more of certain fruits, especially for the backyard fruits like sinigwelas. It really had to come from a puree. We had to study the season, and production to make our production requirements match,” said Gretchen King, group product manager at Nutriasia. “This is the challenge that we have to take to give our consumers the best tasting product that we have while providing more financial opportunities for our local farmers.”

Responsible goodness, it seems, is also at the heart of Locally, which is embodied through the product itself by producing juices made from natural fruits and not from concentrate, powder or artificial ingredients, and by using eco-friendly packaging like bottles and recycleable cans. But what makes this product truly relateable is its use of Pinoy humor through their flavor names and marketing materials. It’s hard not to take notice of Locally’s quirky branding that’s light and funny, just like our Filipino humor. Flavors like “Pomelong And Lasting Love”, “Calamnsi’z The Day” and “Merci Buco” are really eye-catching and laugh-inducing, as much as they are refreshing.

Summer with Locally

This summer, true to its spirit of supporting local communities and industries and local tourism, Locally is enouraging everyone to travel localy and explore the best that the Philippines has to offer during these hot and happy months. With classes and work slowing down during the humid months of March to May, summer may really be the perfect season to take some time off to taste the delicious lechons of Cebu, the famed hills of Bohol, the cool forests of Baguio, or the inviting shores of Catanduanes.

“We’re happy to see that more Filipinos are trying to explore and discover our country,” said Gretchen. “We love the idea of being able to grow the spirit of Pinoy pride, and we’d like to add to the experience of fully enjoying what the country has to offer.

Of course, Locally is encouraging us to do so while enjoying three new limited edition flavors, which were launched recently, aptly, at the equally quirky Flotsam and Jetsam Hotel in La Union. The three new flavors themselves are sourced from different provinces in the country. The ripe mago flavor named “Wake Me Up Before You Mango-go” is sourced from beachy Zambales, the “Mangga’t to Believe in Magic” green mango flavor is from breathtaking Pangasinan, and the pink Guava flavor called “Betcha by Guava Wow” is from bucolic and charming Batangas, all in addition to the 10 already existing Locally flavors.

Truly, this summer might just be our best one yet, one that can really be “so good”. All we need are some new local travels, and these new set of Locally flavors.

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