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Kids on road trips

Apps that'll keep kids happy for hours!


By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda


Long weekends are for out of town family trips.  The thought of being in the moment and just enjoying the time you spend with family is really the ideal.  Besides, the journey matters just as much as the destination, right?  Well, it’s time for a reality check; when kids are involved, it is a different story.  For them, no matter how near or far, the journey just takes too long.  They easily get restless and impatient.  Hence, they need something that’ll pre-occupy their travel time.

Why not check out these kid-friendly smartphone and tablet apps that’ll surely keep them busy while on the road:


Tynker Coding for Kids

Even though this app is about coding, Tynker Coding has a kid-friendly interface. It simplifies the process and makes it easier for kids to understand. It is an educational game where kids have to move the blocks around to build their code.


Love You To Bits

Love You to Bits is about an adventure of a boy who is in search for the components of his robot girlfriend that blew up all across the universe. Each level has a puzzle that the player has to solve to be able to get a body part. Love You To Bits will have players hooked as they eagerly move on to the next level.



Who doesn’t like virtual pets? Ubooly will not just entertain the kids but also teach them responsibility. Ubooly can learn names, and dates of birthdays. Kids can interact with Ubooly through various games and lessons in Science, and the human body.


Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an app that’ll help toddlers with their ABCs.It has colorful characters, interactive interface with puzzles and short animations.  All these help kids build their vocabulary.


Goldilocks and Little Bear

This app is an interactive book where kids can drag around the pages and click on the characters. It’s like being inside the story yourself. Goldilocks and Little Bear can also help improve their reading skills while they play.


Sago Mini Friends

This app is composed of various mini games. With Sago Mini Friends, the kids can play dress-up, go on playdates, and other activities. The best part is,it can be played offline.  Parents won’t need to worry about wifi or sacrificing their precious mobile data.


The Room Three

This game is for those who love puzzles and solving mysteries. Kids are sure to get distracted for a long time with all the swiping and dragging just to find their way out of the room. The Room Three is for those who are a tad bit braver than the others.

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