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Readers’ Photo Corner


By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Butiki Sa Lampara (Ella Marie Sanico Abustan)

    Butiki Sa Lampara (Ella Marie Sanico Abustan)

  • Batang Wawa (Shun Timothy Ross Velilla)

    Batang Wawa (Shun Timothy Ross Velilla)

  • Untitled (Leeh Ann Hidalgo)

    Untitled (Leeh Ann Hidalgo)

  • Parking Boy (Liemuel Pantuhan)

    Parking Boy (Liemuel Pantuhan)

  • Masskara (Sanny Abella Vito)

    Masskara (Sanny Abella Vito)

  • Leaving On The Jet Plane (Rene Bernal)

    Leaving On The Jet Plane (Rene Bernal)

  • Kimono Dress Up @ Kyoto (Tere Belza)

    Kimono Dress Up @ Kyoto (Tere Belza)

  • Kasangga (Julia Kates A. Putungan)

    Kasangga (Julia Kates A. Putungan)

  • Day To Day Life (Allan Velasco Carandang)

    Day To Day Life (Allan Velasco Carandang)

  • Childhood (Shane Francisco)

    Childhood (Shane Francisco)

    From Ella Marie Sanico-Abustan is the photo, “Butiki sa Lampara.” “My husband and I spotted this lizard while we were on our honeymoon in San Pablo City, Laguna,” shares Ella. “Capturing this using my borrowed camera made me think of the story of ‘Ang Gamu-gamo at ang Lampara’ which was told by Teodora Alonso Realonda to Jose Rizal. In this picture, however, it is the lizard who obviously hunts for its prey moth. Capturing photos help me express my feelings and thoughts. It soothes me. I like capturing all kinds of moments. The only difficulty I have to face is that I really don’t have my own DSLR camera, I only borrow. Good thing there is mobile photography in today’s era. I can still continue progressing to become an official photographer.”

    Tere Belza shares a photo she took in Japan titled “Kimono Dress-Up in Kyoto.”  She writes: “Love the vibrant colors on these ladies’ kimonos and the lovely smiles on their faces. Background adds texture to the photo which represents typical mood outside Yasaka shrine.”

    The black-and-white photo, “Parking Boy” comes from Liemuel Pantuhan. He writes about Bobong, his photo subject. “This image was taken in one of the busiest and most visited areas of Cagayan de Oro City known as ‘Divisoria.’ The place is known for many bystanders and beggars asking for alms. But this scenario touched my heart when I came across a man physically incapacitated, so unfortunate to only have one arm and one leg. Curious as to what he’s going to do, I keenly observed him, and to my surprise he wasn’t begging money from people passing by. Instead he tried his best to earn a living the hardest possible means. There I realized he was a ‘parking boy’ and so immediately I took photos of him. This one depicts industriousness, a Filipino value that we are truly proud of.  Being industrious maybe shown in so many forms, but this captured photograph has its own story to tell. It will not take words to define the said value as it is so deeply manifested by the subject’s action and his desire to survive is clearly seen on his face as he tackles the difficult realities of life…I learned that he is a father to a son whom he is striving to send to school. This man is such an inspiration to many of us, and a point of realization that physical disabilities will not stop the ‘industriousness’ of a true Filipino. This somehow would also serve as a reminder to those who are blessed physically to appreciate life even more.”

    Sanny Abella Vito, a doctor who has been into shooting with a DSLR since 2012 sent in the photo, “Masskara.”

    Julia Kates A. Putungan, a 17-year-old student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University (San Pablo Campus) submitted the photo titled “Kasangga.” She took the photo with a camera phone.

    Allan Velasco Carandang contributed the photo titled “Day to Day Life.” He describes the photo as an “ambush shot in Sisiman, Bataan.”

    From Rene Bernal is the photo, “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” He shares that this photo was awarded as one of the winners in the recently concluded International Photography Awards, PH (IPA) (see:

    The photo, “Batang Wawa” comes from high school student Shun Timothy Ross Velilla. He took the photo in Wawa, Angono, Rizal.

    Leeh Ann Hidalgo, a domestic worker in Hong Kong since 2013 shares a photo she prefers to keep untitled. “This photo is untitled because I want the viewer to be the one to give a title based on what message or story they see in the photo,” writes Leeh Ann who spends her days off and free time in Hong Kong taking photos.

    And from Shane Francisco is the silhouette photo of children taken at sunset titled “Childhood.” Writes Shane: “In this place when it’s sunset, many people are coming to see the sunshine and dream, too. You can forget the problem for a while and say ‘happy to live.’” She took the photo in Wawa Lakeside, Angono, Rizal.

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