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A New Way Of Dieting For 2019

Start 2019 right by eating right


By Cheshire Que

Before you embark on another search for the best diet in 2019, think about the countless times you have attempted to sustain a diet program and failed. Instead of following a diet that restricts almost everything edible in this planet, why don’t you begin to make little changes that will benefit your health? One that doesn’t involve drastic changes and does not require you to totally give up on your favorite guilty pleasures.

Your diet must not cause you to starve. It should be an eating lifestyle pattern that nourishes you, does not deprive you, and promotes your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Instead of removing certain food items from your diet the way other fad diets would recommend, why don’t you try to just reduce the amount that you eat for that certain food? You can drink water in between bites to keep you fuller and wash off the flavor. Cleansing the palate will reduce the craving for more flavorful food.

To add to the reduction of food intake, incorporate some life-giving food. As you get used to having it in your daily diet, you will have less space and craving for the usual high caloric, sugary, salty, and fatty food that are oh-so-good!



Make fresh fruits readily available. Eat one to two servings in a day for dessert or snack. Frozen, canned (preferably in light syrup or drained and rinsed), 100 percent fruit juices can be an occasional alternative if fresh fruits are not available. It pays to pack and bring fresh fruits when you are on the go. It saves you from mindlessly grabbing unhealthy snacks. If you really have to eat a dessert, eat your fruit first then have a few bites of the preferred dessert.


Practice quick cooking at home. Sautée, steam, or stir fry vegetables. Buy pre-cut vegetables and even salads. Occasionally, frozen vegetables are convenient to use, as well as canned vegetables (choose low sodium). Add chopped or sliced vegetables to most dishes. I recommend grating some carrots and sayote to add to your spaghetti sauce. Be creative in the kitchen without compromising taste and nutrition. Juicing vegetables and mixing them with fresh fruits to make smoothies is a great way to add nutrients and fiber in your diet. Make it a point to eat vegetables whenever you dine at home, especially if vegetable dishes are not readily available or more expensive when dining out.

Healthy fats

Not all fats are bad. Add some nuts and seeds to your daily diet. Snack on a few pieces of nuts, it will keep you fuller. Remember to chew slowly and gobble down nuts by the handful. They are, after all, high in calories despite being nutrient packed. Choose fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, and sardines and consume about two to three times a week. These are high in omega-3, which is not only good for the heart but also your brain, skin, and immune system.

Whole grains

Filipinos love white rice. There is no harm in that. It’s the amount we consume that makes us fat. But it is best to also eat red, black, or brown rice as an alternative to white rice. I recommend eating white rice every other day or you can choose to have white rice once a day and a serving of a high fiber variety on another meal on the same day. Other grains are also high in fiber such as oatmeal, corn, and quinoa.

Do not overwhelm yourself at the start of the year. Take small healthy steps and you will surely be healthier by the end of the year.

Happy New Year!



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