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How To Achieve Catriona Gray Perfection In 5 Steps


Preparing for something Miss Universe-worthy this 2019? A wedding, a trip of a lifetime, a major reunion? With lots of preparation and a little help from beauty doctor Aivee Teo, you can cop Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s flawless look. Here’s the cheat sheet you need.


  1. Nothing beats the basics.

It’s very important to have good skin care regimen. Cleansing your face and applying a good toner and moisturizer will help maintain a healthy skin. This is a good supplement to doing lasers for the skin. “We want to make sure we just don’t just depend on the machines but we need to have regular skin care maintenance to complement the laser treatments,” says Aivee.

  1. Prepare as early as possible.

Seven months before the Miss U pageant, Catriona started her skin program for face and body. She started with the Aivee Thermage, a non-invasive, radio frequency skin-tightening treatment that lifts and contours the face.

Catriona’s seven-month program also included these following treatments: a Light clearing facial to clarify the skin and keep it free from breakouts; a Hollywood Facial to revive and refresh tired skin, featuring magnetic clay that adds moisture to her face; Red Carpet for anti-aging; Porcelain TX for skin brightening and instant glow; and the Gentle Laser Pore, which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissues, and is great for minimizing pores.

Catriona also had consistent Platinum Drips, a vitamin drip consisting of anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant solutions for skin whitening and brightening. Bonus: It also ups your energy, which was perfect for Catriona’s busy schedule.


  1. Take care of your inside, too.

“To keep the beauty glow, we always advice our patients to maintain a good lifestyle. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, and good hydration by drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep. If you are healthy on the inside, it will truly reflect on the outside and that what’s important,” says Aivee.

  1. Complete your beauty arsenal.

You can rely completely on your derma, but even your derma wants you to follow a strict beauty regimen and have a good arsenal. “A good moisturizer, cleanser, and SPF are a must to maintain her skin looking healthy and fresh. Catriona’s duties entail her to always look beautiful and putting makeup on is always a necessity. Keeping her face clean before going to bed is very important,” says Aivee.

  1. Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

Even a goddess like Catriona taps experts like Aivee Teo to help her level up. There’s no shame in putting in the work and then have work done on you. Technology is there to help. Don’t let the best of science go to waste. Catriona herself supplemented her beauty regimen with laser therapy, and her workouts with treatments that helped her get a great figure.

Catriona used Aivee Unison to help eliminate cellulite appearance. How it works is it diminishes fat chambers, stimulates collagen production, and restores skin elasticity. She also did the Vixen Tightening treatment, which reduces circumference, increases skin tightening, and reduces stretch marks.

“These treatments were done to keep her even more confident during the swimsuit and long gown segments of the competition,” says Aivee. “These Beauty Queen Shape and Glow treatments helped contour her body and enhance her curves.”

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