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What Beauty Tip Or Truth Would You Tell Your 14-Year-Old Self


We asked these lovely and beautiful Filipinas this question and here’s what they have to say.


Listen to Mom. Sunblock all the time. And drink your water. When you are at the age to love and to work, remember: Career first, boys later. Boys are everywhere but opportunities only come from time to time. So grab all and don’t let boys stop you. —Jessica Yang, model


That’s easy! Wear sunscreen! Was so careless about it until I was in my early 20s and have sunspots to show in my face and on my stomach! Also, your parents really did know best. —Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez, fashion designer


I guess I would tell her “You can never drink enough water and never underestimate the importance of exercise no matter what age. Because real beauty comes from a healthy body inside. —Rocio Olbes-Ressano, author and artist


I’m just happy that I did not wear makeup. —Joann Bitagcol, model and photographer


Growing up, I suffered from skin asthma—so much so that a childhood frenemy would tell anyone within earshot that I had Spam skin. I would also get a stye (kuliti) monthly, and my eyes would blow up as if someone beat me.

At 14, when no amount of topical cream seemed to cure the rashes, the temptation to scratch oneself raw was easy to give into. Luckily for me, I outgrew the eczema. But I didn’t know that then. When you’re trying to scratch that itch, you can get really obsessive. After all, how much worse can it be when you already feel ugly?

So I would tell my younger self to be gentle, that ripping into your wounds—even if the pain is sweet—will make things worse, that your skin will forever bear that trauma, and, blessedly, that you can develop a tolerance for that which inflames you. —Pauline Suaco Juan, executive director


My 14-year-old self would have been oblivious to beauty practices, too engaged with sports and outdoor play. That said, I would advise her to limit sun exposure and religiously apply sunscreen, not merely for beauty’s sake but mostly for skin health. Her future years will involve bountiful days under the sun and in the ocean.

It wouldn’t hurt to remind her, too, to wear proper clothing and appropriate equipment such as footwear when being active for protection against gashes, minor and major, and injuries. —Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, model and accessories designer


I would tell my 14-year-old self to embrace the so-called flaws that made me self conscious like my freckles and my skinny frame, instead of wanting to hide them. They served me well later on in my careers as a model and TV host. Basically I would encourage myself to be okay with being different. —Amanda Griffin-Jacob, model and TV personality


Take care of your skin, hair, and body. But more so, take care of how you treat living and non-living things because how you are as a person will definitely reflect in your face and posture, which will carry on until you get older. That’s the biggest investment you will make in your life, and it’s free. —Marina Abad Santos Benipayo, actress


Although my 14-year-old self did do this, I’d still tell her to use a full skin care regimen day and night! Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and eye cream! Also that it’s never too early to use anti-aging and to use it once she hits her 20s.” —Tina Tinio, brand builder


Beauty truth I would tell my 14-year-old self: “A heartfelt smile can speak volumes and go soul-deep. It doesn’t expire or have a shelf life. Never lose hold of it.” —Maxine Syjuco, artist


Your soul is an extension of your body.  Treat it well. Feed it with positive thoughts and spend time with kindhearted people. —Kaycee Reyes, dermatologist


Me to my 14 year old self : “Girl, kalma lang sa Aqua Net. No matter how high your bangs is, you will never be Madonna.”—Barbi Chan, makeup artist


Don’t ever silence your intuition or downplay your beliefs to make other people like you. You are valuable, you don’t have to please others all the time. The people you’re trying to please now won’t matter in the next 10 years anyway. Trust me. —Danah Gutierrez, author


A minute on your lips, forever on your hips! Fourteen was my pivotal adolescent year when my body transformed! I thought I would be skinny and scrawny forever but that summer I gained 15 pounds in two weeks during a US vacation! —Amina Aranaz-Alunan, designer and creative director


You’re only going to pass this age once, make it worth the memories! Laugh more. —Lala Flores, makeup artist


Healthy skin is the best makeup base! Make sure you take good care of your skin. Have a skincare routine and follow it religiously. And never leave home without putting on sunblock! —Janlee Dungca, PR director

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