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Five mommy resolutions

By Paulyne Fermin

Paulyne-200x300Every year brings a new resolve to live better. So as I bid adieu to the year that was, here are my plans for 2019:

1. Make healthy a priority.

Everything else is secondary to one’s well being. This starts by drinking warm water with lemon in the morning, 30 minutes in the pool (longer during weekends when the kids are at home) and hula hooping. I’ve rediscovered and shared my love for the hoop with my daughter and we’ve had endless days of fun with it. Bowling at the country club is another fun activity we’ve recently tried as a family. Anything that will keep you moving is good.

2. Eat right.

This is the most difficult for me. I’ve been eating the same way I have since I was a teenager and it simply won’t do. Every meal now has a side of greens. I avoid the chips section in the grocery and now cook with significantly less salt. These small steps will hopefully lead to bigger ones like taking rice out of my diet and eating less meat. A good substitute for ice cream is yogurt and we loved Yogorino’s frozen delights (only 131 calories per serving!) which is filled with probiotic enzymes and aids in digestion too. Our favorites are the almond with brownie and pistachio variants.

3. Clean the house.

My husband uses everything he purchases at once. I like to keep them first which leads me to forgetting, so shoes and bags get destroyed while in storage. Getting rid of clutter is good. Marie Kondo sum sit up, “The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”

4. Nourish good friendships.

De-cluttering also applies to our relationships. Keep the good and don’t be afraid to cut ties with toxic people. Surrounding ourselves with people who make us laugh, affirm our strengths and are genuinely happy for our success is a must. Note to self: call more, text less, have lunches and dinners, and spend time with people who matter.

5. Fuel that wanderlust.

It’s true that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. In the works are travels to local beaches and resorts and my belated birthday gift, which is a European tour. I want to marvel at sunsets, take leisurely walks in museums and see more of the world.

Keeping resolutions may be a tall order, but remember every day is a new chance at leading a better life. Let’s all aim to be the best versions of ourselves this year and to always be grateful for blessings, big and small. God is in control. Happy 2019 everybody!

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