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Three ways to bring positive energy to the whole family

By Robert Rubin

For all you mothers and homemakers out there, here is a simple guide on how to bring positive energy to your home this 2019 in hopes of you having the best year ever for you and your loved ones.

It’s important to keep in mind that we are all beings of energy. Our thoughts, feelings, ideas, actions and emotions all have a direct effect on everything we experience from our jobs, to our homes, even to our relationships with others.  It’s easy to be carefree and adventurous with a devil may cry attitude when we are single and when we only have to worry about our own welfare. But the rules of this game change the moment we take the noble leap into family life, more so when we have children who need us to be at our best 200 percent of the time. So to make life easier, let’s break this down to three easy ways on how to bring the best energy possible to your home this 2019.

1. Be a source of positive energy.

To be such means we take the proper care of ourselves and work within our limits as parents, husbands and or wives of our homes.  Therefore, in order for us to bring positive energy into our household, the first thing we need to be aware primarily is our own welfare as homemakers and parents. We need to be extra mindful of all the resources we have (not just money, but time, focus, effort, attention and even energy to do things) and know when we are at our limit. Too many parents and homemakers I’ve read the tarot for have totally let go of their own welfare in exchange of giving totally to their children, only for them to be amazed that they can also have their own happiness without any cost or loss to the happiness of their children. It all begins with one’s mindset. When one gets married it is a lifelong commitment to one’s spouse and family. However too many times, husbands and wives forget that before they took on the noble commitment of marriage, there was a person who had hopes and dreams. This is not only wrong but this is concerning as it makes one feel that the only way to succeed at being a wife/husband/parent is to totally forget one’s own dreams and aspirations.  This isn’t sustainable since it only becomes about giving. The end result is an empty shell of who you used to be.

Therefore, to be a magnet for positive energy in your home, you will do well to REMEMBER YOURSELF. Your dreams, hopes, aspirations and FIND a way to fit them into your life. Even if in the most miniscule level, you deserve to see your own hopes move forward even if you are married and have children. In order to bring light to others you need to start by being a light yourself. Its helps for us to remember the old rule taught to use when we ride an airplane. That in the event of an emergency place your own oxygen mask before the child next to you. This is a good anecdote of the necessity of self-care, especially when we have children to care for. Since if you feel complete you can help others in your family and in your household feel complete as well.

2. Have a powerful practice of gratitude

Make gratitude the NORM. You can never have enough gratitude, since it only attracts more of what you were grateful for. Some families add a daily practice of gratitude during meals right after prayers. Others like to regularly share what they were thankful for to one another. Not only will this strengthen bonds in your family but it will also be a magnet for more blessings to come your way.

Another way is to allow yourself to feel the energy of gratitude as you start the day. World renown speaker Tony Robbins spends 10 minutes a day in the morning just feeling in full intensity what he is grateful for and allowing it to set the tone of his day. And if it has helped him go from a janitor to a worldwide success, imagine what else it can do for you and your family. If sitting still isn’t your thing, then creating a gratitude altar or journal is a good way of seeing regularly what brings meaning and bliss into your life. At the end of the day, the more you can feel it, the more powerful it will be.

3. Learn to say yes to yourself

…and be sure to teach your family to do so as well. Think about the things that have most meaning to you that bring you joy, bliss and happiness and DO them. Now the most common mistake I hear as a Tarot consultant is “But I don’t have time.” Really? You don’t have time for what makes you happy? Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I don’t say I can’t afford something I ask myself, How can I afford something. In this tradition I Robert Rubin say “I don’t say I can’t do what’s meaningful to me, I ask myself HOW can I fit this into my life??”

The more you say YES to your dreams, hopes, aspirations, the more positive of an effect you will be to everyone in your household. It will start a chain reaction that will make your home a nuclear reactor of positive energy. When your husband sees you going for your dream of being a writer, he may just be encouraged to go for his own dream of being a painter. As a result, your children will see parents who share the light of their own fulfillment to everyone they meet.

At the end of the day, it all begins with you!

About the author: Robert Rubin is the author of The Intuitive Within and founder of Mysterium Philippines and is the leading Tarot Authority in the country with over 23 years of experience. He has personally trained hundreds of people from all around the world in the topics of intuition, Tarot and even manifestation at the Mysterium learning center in Quezon City. He is married and has 2 lovely children, a Daschund named Isis, and 3 Lovely cats (Ajna, Puff and Luminara). You may learn more about Rob at or or tune in to his weekly show Mysterium After Dark on V81. Radio every Monday Night at 7:30pm Philippine time. For Appointments and consultations you may text 0916-551-1824 or email

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