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Start your year whole

By Amanda Griffin-Jacob

Amanda-Griffin-200x300As we head into the second month of 2019, most of us are still motivated to keep or make resolutions to help us become healthier versions of ourselves. In line with my aspiration to encourage my Glam-O-Mamas community to take better care of themselves this year, I partnered with The Wholesome Table to bring to fruition our first event for the year called Start Your Year Whole.

Humble beginnings

I founded my Glam-O-Mamas website eight years ago and the interactive Glam-O-Mamas Facebook Group was established in 2014. It has evolved into a society of over 34,000 active and engaged members and continues to expand each month. I envisioned it as a trusted sanctuary for mothers and mothers-to-be to connect with and support each other. I’m so proud to say that it is exactly that and so much more.

My fundamental purpose for this event was to create awareness, facilitate education, and provide assistance for my Glam-O-Mamas on their motherhood journeys into a healthier way of life for both them and their families.

Start with healthy food habits

In the program, I talked about self-care and wellness, while my fellow mom, friend, The Wholesome Table proprietor, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, spoke about how to guide your family into healthier food habits. From inspiring words to practical tips, the event was centered around imparting just how crucial it is for women to take care of themselves first so they can take better care of their homes and families.

To further emphasize the significant role of food in self care, The Wholesome Table treated guests to a sampling of delicious, nutrient-dense dishes from their newest menu called Wholesome Beginnings.

“We call it Wholesome Beginnings,” says Bianca Elizalde who collaborated with her chefs to create the new dishes. “I wanted something very clean, and nutrient-dense that had the Wholesome Table signature on it. We focus on creating products that are anti-inflammatory, low carb with good fats. Since people are coming from a season of indulgence, we wanted to help people start the year with a healthy lifestyle and to stick to their resolutions.”

Self-care is important

The one comment I always receive when I speak about self-care is that women simply don’t have time to practice it. I’m a mother of four, so I absolutely understand just how demanding a mom’s life can be. However, my objective is to communicate that self-care is not just important, but essential for every mom out there, no matter her situation.

But what is self-care? It’s not always about going to the spa or having a bubble bath. It can be something as simple as going to bed early, saying no to a gathering that will probably exhaust you, eating a salad instead of a steak, or as complex as letting go of unsupportive friends. Self-care isn’t about being indulgent or selfish but rather is a form of survival so that moms can be their whole selves when attending to their partners, spouses and children. In next month’s column I’ll delve more into specific self care practices you can utilize to optimize your mental and physical state.

I was so fortunate be able to partner with like-minded brands such as The Wholesome Table, as well as Game Changer for the eco-bags. Apotheca, Myka Limchoc, Incy Rooms, Little Luli, Play Works, Kajuayan, Mega Malunggay, Beaba Philippines for BabyCook, K-Mom supplied amazing items for the giveaway bags. Some of my guests were also gifted with on-the-go vitamin infusions from The Core Clinic. Spark Studio provided photography for the event. Marie France and Facial Care provided prizes as well.

Remember, you are a mom but you are also more than just a mom and self-care is the way to remain connected to that part of you. After all, being a real Glam-O-Mama means being a happy and whole woman inside and outside of the home.

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