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All Dressed for the Art Fair


Interviews by DOM GALEON

First and foremost, comfortable shoes. I once did vernissage in 10-mm heels, and I couldn’t feel my toes for days after. That said, I normally go for statement footwear—the statement doesn’t have to be loud, though, just thoughtful. My favorite is Rochas. I have the comfiest ochre-colored velvet mary janes, embellished with an exaggerated blossom on the right shoe. I also have really chunky jeweled strap platforms that are more fierce than fancy. The clothes, usually something minimal, follow the footwear. The Art Fair, though, is the perfect venue to show off your most fashion-forward frock because you are among like-minded people—those who will appreciate its design details. —PAULINE SUACO-JUAN, CITEM executive director.





From what I learned over the past years, flats are a lifesaver! I’m also loving CJ Cruz’s pieces—they are works of art themselves. Dress comfortably, be prepared to stand around a lot, walk a lot, chat a lot. I’ll probably wear this Rachel Comey overlay top. —PATRICIA CUSIRAMOS, designer




Casual but with a lot of unique pieces, like a statement bag or statement top from some designer. But still casual. Dress up like Mikka Padua or like Katrina Razon or Pauline Juan. —KAT CRUZ VILLANUEVA, fashion editor




My manner of dressing for an art event is simply the clothes I wear to school. Perhaps, we shall dub it as a personal uniform. I always remember that, when you’re at an art event, you must always turn up in your best. The style you made, the one that helps you express yourself, the style that makes you rare and unique. —KINNY ANDRADA, fashion student





I’d go in shorts and sneakers. Casual. Very relaxed. Usually muted, with a pop of color. You don’t want to look like an artwork. Or I would dress like Pauline Juan. That’s the look. —MARK BUMGARNER, designer




I have some sort of uniform, so I may be the wrong person to ask. My clothes are all fairly interchangeable. I can wear the same thing to the beach or to a dinner party. For me, comfort is key. But I think what is most important is how your clothes make you feel. How you dress up and, ultimately, how you live your life. Should be personal, yes? It should make you happy and you should do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Dressing up is an extension of yourself so wear what you enjoy, not for an image or to show off how much money you have. —RITA NAZARENO, designer




Attending or visiting an art fair, it is important to remember that the key is to be comfortable and to be effortless. I personally suggest a “disheveled-chic look” for any Art Fair PH events. Unfortunately this means wearing high heels and head-to-toe designer labels won’t cut it. Obviously you want to look like you understand art, feel the exhibition, so the key to this is “coolness” and we are talking of a minimalist color palette mostly of black, whites, camel, and grey. I personally suggest not to wear your Louboutins, Blahniks, or Choos—stay away from expensive looking shoes and crazy outfits unless you’re planning to buy the whole exhibition or you’re a major collector. Wear something edgy but with ease, perhaps a combination of a plain white T-shirt with a pair of nice cut faded blue jeans or a pleated skirt along with a nice tailored black jacket. You can go crazy with bags though, but make sure there’s no logo visible. Wear rubber shoes—the older the better because you’ll be spending hours walking around. Though barefoot is another great option it makes you even more “artsy” and suggests that you’re not intimidated by Nicole Coson or by Carlo Gabuco or by the art world. Follow these easy and simple rules and you’ll be sure to blend in. —LESLEY MOBO, designer





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