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Home-cooked meal planning for the family


Chef Jonas Ng shows you how easy it is to cook.

Chef Jonas Ng shows you how easy it is to cook.

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

We Asians love our rice. We’ve been cooking it for centuries with clay pots (palayok in Tagalog) of different sizes. And up to this day and age, rice is still a household staple.

Now, French cookware Tefal launches its spherical pot rice cookers in the local market with their Tefal Optimal and Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cookers. We can’t help but think the brand took inspiration from our traditional clay pot. It’s worth giving it a try with new technology that includes uniform 3D heating for optimal balanced cooking and Artificial Intelligence Technology with Fuzzy Logic that determines the best cooking modes. It also comes with built-in cooking programs.

“Rice should not be bland and cooked by luck or what we call in the vernacular as patsamba-tsamba. As our staple food, rice deserves the best cooking possible. That is, with the help of the revolutionary spherical pot rice cookers from Tefal that will assure any user of tasty, convenient and versatile cooking,” said Julie Lim, Vice President for Business Development of Collins International Trading Corp., Tefal’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines of Small Domestic Appliances (SDA).

Father and chef, Jonas Ng, who is also the ambassador of the Franch brand, agrees to this. He also stressed the importance of cooking great rice. No matter how good the rice grains are, one won’t be able to enjoy delicious rice if not cooked well. Here, he shares some cooking tips:

1. Plan the menu ahead of time.

This helps keep your mind and your meals organized and budgeted (for time and money). Why not list down what you and the family would like to eat in the coming week? Preparation is everything in restaurants; it won’t be too different in the home kitchen.

2. Keep it balanced.

Mom had a degree in nutrition, and that helped in making sure that we ate well, and always ate a balanced meal of veg, protein, starches (fruits for dessert). Always balance the plate.

3. Cook in batches.

I use the free time on my day off to prepare batches of our family’s favorite foods and portion them in the freezer for easy reheating when we don’t have the time. This ensures I don’t waste a lot of time and effort in cooking. It’s spread out. In the restaurant we call this “mise.” We usually have the items portioned or pre-cooked in a way that we only have to finish the dish when it’s ordered. Hungry people have a warped sense of time. Plus, who has the time to clean, prep, cook, eat and clean with our daily work?

4. Back up plan.

Restaurants always have pantries that are well stocked. sausages, spices, sauces, oils, eggs, herbs, vinegars, bacon, pasta, breadcrumbs, et al. Having a stocked pantry means one can whip up anything from leftovers or from scratch at a moment’s notice.

5. Be bold!

Try out new stuff, experiment. Try what you saw on tv, from new gadgets, or re-purposing ingredients, tools and the like. Make mistakes, take notes, learn and get better. How do you think we come up with menu items? We try it out on our “forgiving” families. As a restaurant, we apply technology to make our lives easier!

Take Tefal’s super intelligent, space-saving, and (most of all) easy to clean and use series of spherical rice cookers. These babies allow us to cook so many things in one easy to clean, user-friendly compact machine. Even yaya got to cooking her signature tinola within five minutes of seeing me testing it.

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