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Pucker Up, Buttercup

Three ways go get that beeutiful and healthy lips




We love to paint it. Why not? And with an array of lipsticks, from matte to gloss coming in spectrum hues, coloring our lips is a luxury every lady can relate to. While most women are guilty of hoarding the newest lippies, they are also guilty for not having a good regimen to keep lips in pristine condition.

William Shakespeare may once say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” but we cannot argue the lips are your most expressive feature. Your lips say how you feel— it turns upward when you’re happy, curves down when you’re sad, and thins when you’re disappointed. From being used to smile, talk, eat, your lips are one of the most overworked parts of the body yet it’s one of the neglected parts in every beauty routine.

Leading the lip revolution were actresses and beauty enthusiasts Dimples Romana, Angel Jacob, Bianca King, and Sambie Rodriguez last week, at the Beauty Bar in Center Square, BGC, for the launch of Burt’s Bees Innovative Lip Care Regime. Featuring Burt’s Bees new lip care treatments, conditioning and overnight intensive rejuvenation, here are three easy ways you can make up to your lips for all the hard work they do.


Dimples Romana


Bianca King


The lips dry up fast due to the absence of sweat glands around that area of the face. As a result, it doesn’t produce natural protective oil making it easier to chap. The first thing to do is to exfoliate. There is nothing pretty with a dry and rough lip, and the Lip Conditioning Scrub does the job by removing dead skin cells with honey crystals, leaving the lips supple and soft.



From the heat of the sun to the harsh cold of the AC, our delicate lips are bound to be a desert in our face. So making sure it’s hydrated is a must. The Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment provides overnight magic to the lips making it plump and well-moisturized from the moment you wake up. Infused with jojoba oil and peppermint, it heals and soothes the lips every time you lather it on.



The lips get its natural tint due to the multiple blood vessels inside it. And with Tinted Lip Balm, you can enhance its natural coloring while protecting it from the external elements. Packed with shea butter, this lip balm assures eight-hour moisturization with a set of colors to choose from. Inspired by the natural floral tints, you can be that sweet girl in blush and pink hue, or be bold and sensual in red and plum colors. Its subtle sheen also makes the lips glow and appear even fuller.


Our lips say it all, and just like fingerprints, every person has a unique mark embedded on those suckers. And with Burt’s Bees Innovative Lip Care Regimen, you can give your lips its well-deserved pampering. Measure the power of your lips with every kiss you give, good words it produce, and in every smile it create that never cracks whenever it curves.

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