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Before Hitting The Road

Know what to preplan with these travel health hacks







The busiest travel season has finally arrived. Whether you are preparing to travel overseas or opt to marvel in the beauty of what our country with 7,100 islands has to offer, there is one thing that you shouldn’t neglect— your health. After all, you wouldn’t want to cancel your trip or worse be sick in the middle of your journey. To ensure a healthy and fun vacation, here are some practical travel health tips for you to remember:


Visit your doctor 

Two to three weeks before your departure, make sure you visit your doctor for a checkup. Have blood works are done and vital signs like blood pressure checked. It’s prudent to know the status of your health before a trip. Also, request for emergency medicines, it is not easy to obtain medications and prescriptions overseas.


Eat well 

Your schedule will get tighter as you prepare for your vacation. This could result to lack of sleep which in turn depresses your immune system. Now is the time to eat healthy by adding fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet. The vitamins and minerals will help boost your immune system to prevent you from easily contracting viruses. Consciously drinking water throughout the day for proper hydration is also important. Instead of eating fried foods, choose lean protein sources from meat, fish, and chicken, as well as, eggs. Strictly following a particular diet while traveling is close to impossible. There are times when we are not in control of what food are available. To compensate for the lack of nutrients, it is always best to bring your own vitamin, mineral, and fiber supplements for optimum nutrition. Not to mention your own water bottle.


Detox digitally

Vacations were created to have fun and spend time with our loved ones or simply have your “me time.” It is time to recover and clear our minds. Our everyday lives are powered by the internet, alright, but it is also one of the causes of having too much negative energy. While you are away, keep your internet exposure to a minimum. If you have to, check emails and post updates on social media once a day. Spend the rest of your day truly experiencing food, culture, and sceneries off-screen. This practice will also help you get that much needed quality sleep at night so you wake up feeling rejuvenated the next morning.


Wear comfortable shoes

You may lead a sedentary lifestyle as you work on your desk five to six days a week. Now is the time for you to get moving. Traveling involves a lot of walking. 10,000 steps are not enough! Therefore, be prepared to walk a lot with comfortable footwear. We understand the need for fashion but comfort comes first without sacrificing trendiness, of course. Being mobile all day long will help prevent you from gaining weight which is the common concern for travelers.


Travel insurance

Traveling can be costly and getting travel insurance will surely add to the cost. Still, it is best to have travel insurance from a trusted provider than be sorry. Think about all the what-ifs when you find yourself sick and confined in a hospital overseas. Bills could be sky high.

Keep these five travel health hacks in mind for a fun, healthy and worry-free trip!


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