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Readers’ Photo Corner


By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Untitled (Michael Montero Picardal)

    Untitled (Michael Montero Picardal)

  • Untitled (John Andrew Enriquez)

    Untitled (John Andrew Enriquez)

  • Startrailing (Romelo Jamisola)

    Startrailing (Romelo Jamisola)

  • Special Priceless Moment (DoraDhang)

    Special Priceless Moment (DoraDhang)

  • Skateboarding (Luis Antonio O. Fabregar)

    Skateboarding (Luis Antonio O. Fabregar)

  • Kambal Na Talon Ng Bunga (Jan Aldous O. Viriña)

    Kambal Na Talon Ng Bunga (Jan Aldous O. Viriña)

  • Gen Z (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

    Gen Z (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

  • Confucious (Kevin A. Amante)

    Confucious (Kevin A. Amante)

  • Childhood In Boracay (Raffy T. Relator)

    Childhood In Boracay (Raffy T. Relator)

  • Amae Castor @ 18 (Dandy Q. Belleza)

    Amae Castor @ 18 (Dandy Q. Belleza)

    Ailyn Reyes Copes who also goes by the name DoraDhang the Photographer sent in the photo titled “Special Priceless Moment.” She took the photo during the PETJ-Mils outreach program in Botolan, Zambales “for native and special people to share love, happiness, and what we have.”

    Dandy Q. Belleza gives tribute to debutante Amae Castor with his photo, “Amae Castor @ 18.”

    Jan Aldous O. Viriña shares the nature photo “Kambal na Talon ng Bunga.” His accompanying text reads: “Parine na! Tampisaw na sa Kambal na Talon ng Bunga.  Coined from the tree named Bunga, the identical twin falls is located in Brgy. Bunga, Nagcarlan, Laguna. Aside from being majestic and enchanting, this really engaged in contributing urban legends and culture of the Nagcarlangins. Trekking is not an issue and it’s really a good place to go this summer. It’s just probably two to three hours away from Manila.”

    From John Andrew Enriquez is an untitled black-and-white photo taken from a building’s upper floors showing the spiraling stairs as a lady walks down..

    The photo titled “Confucious” comes from Kevin A. Amante. He relates the picture’s story: “Every time I visit this place for my monthly haircut, I am always left contemplating on the interesting additional aesthetic choices personnel made of its interior. Although the overall design is reflective of Buddhism with bamboo stilts, wooden carvings and Buddha statues here and there, oddity comes in with the inclusion of figures such as a Santo Niño and a dwarf sitting on a pile of gold. It made me wonder: ‘How come the interplay of beliefs?’ At first I found it merely a result of poor taste or a product of whim. However, looking at them as a whole, they are actually a reflection of what Filipinos are: people respecting if not embracing multiple beliefs, traditions, and customs. What initially appears to be confusion is actually a beautiful fusion.”

    Luis Antonio O. Fabregar contributed the photo, “Skateboarding” taken in early April at Circuit Makati, Manila.

    Seafarer Mandy N. Buenconsejo submitted the silhouette photo, “Gen Z” which he took while on a church mission in Burias Island, Masbate.

    Michael Montero Picardal, administrative assistant VI at the Procurement Office of the

    Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila provided the untitled black-and-white photo of footprints in the sand leading to distant huts in the horizon.

    Raffy T. Relator sent in the silhouette sunset photo, “Childhood in Boracay.” His description reads: “A photo of a young Boracaynon boy who almost spent his free time on the beach of Boracay.”

    And from Romelo Jamisola is the long exposure night photo, “Startrailing.” He took the photo in Nasugbu, Batangas in early March. He shares: “My passion taught me that everything has its beauty. You just have to change your focus and your perspective. And I’ve never thought that I’d do something for the first time that I love to do aside from street photography—trailing stars. And I know that we are like stars in the dark, waiting for the perfect moment to shine. While waiting for my moment to freeze the night, I looked around me and saw the empty beach and twinkling stars, I took a deep breath and smiled. It was the first time again in forever that I felt free. I am in my sanctuary.”

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