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What Is The Most Memorable Trip You Had With Your Mom?


The most memorable place I traveled to with my Mom wasn’t really memorable because of the place—it was memorable because it was our last travel together. In December of 2014, we went to the States. It was a super last minute trip and at this time, I was in the middle of my thesis and my finals for my masters. But fortunately, everything worked out. I left everything to be with my mom. At this time, I already kind of knew we didn’t have much time together anymore because she was already very weak. She couldn’t really walk far or couldn’t carry her things anymore. It was our last bonding before she left me forever. We did everything and anything she wanted. We went to Target many, many times, went to Disneyland, watched a Justin Timberlake concert, watched a Britney Spears concert, and was lucky enough to even watch one of the 12 days of Christmas of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to accompany her on this trip. It was sort of our goodbye trip. A trip I truly will never forget. Three months after our trip, we had to say goodbye to her forever. —ALISSA MARTINEZ, entrepreneur, with her mother Liezl Martinez


It would have to be our trip to three-day Macau getaway where she insisted we go to Disneyland HK for a daytrip just because I asked her to ride “Space Mountain” with me. I totally forgot it was like a mini rollercoaster ride. She was screaming “stop” and praying while tightly holding on to me the whole time. Then after the ride she goes, “My gosh! If hindi pa ako naging senior citizen, hindi ko pa ma-experience yung ganun (If I haven’t become a senior citizen, I wouldn’t have experienced something like that).” It’s the most memorable to me because, somehow, it made me feel that my Mom and I reversed roles. I was the one telling her we’ll be fine and that she doesn’t have to worry. Just breathe. I liked how the whole thing was an accidental way of making her step out of her comfort zone. I enjoy making my Mom experience something for the first time, that’s why I promised to annually take her to a country she never visited yet. —STEPHANIE SOL, actress, with her mother Irma Mae Pardilla Sol


The most memorable trip I’ve taken with my Mom was a Mediterranean cruise to Spain, Italy, and France in spring. Months before, I was paralyzed in the hospital and had to relearn basic things like sitting up, grasping, standing, and walking which was the biggest challenge. It was her dream to take me on this trip and despite everything; we still pushed through with our motherdaughter adventure. I had to be in a wheelchair at the airport, but with physical and occupational therapy, I was able to walk and join the tours. She was with me literally every step of the way. When I was in the hospital, my Mom would massage my legs every day so they wouldn’t atrophy. At the trip, my legs would turn blue and purple from the walking and she still massaged them every single day. We saw so many new places and experienced so much together. Seeing actual structures you learn about in books was crazy to us!! The memories will really stay with me not just because of where we were, but because I saw how strong, determined, and caring my Mom truly is. —CHIA YULO-POU, financial consultant, with her mother Chiqui Hollmann-Yulo


One of my favorite trips with my Mom was our recent trip to Laos. It was a lovely bonding time together while working. We sourced for fabrics and visited weavers and designers to learn more about their textiles and designs. Laos is a unique country and I am so glad I got to experience it with my Mom. During this trip I saw again how tough, strong, and passionate my mother is. It is not easy to get to Laos. We had to fly via Bangkok at odd hours, and then work right when we landed. We had meetings, visited markets, weavers’ homes, and went sightseeing. We would end late but still had time to enjoy our lovely dinners before bed. Mom reminded me again during this trip to always give my all in everything. We live to serve and to work. We were tired but happy and fulfilled. After this trip I vowed to make time for more trips with mom. I am her only child and she is my hero. —MARGA NOGRALES, local fashion advocate, with her mother Mary Ann Maceda Montemayor


My Mom and I once attended a jewelry fair in Vicenza, Italy. Our airfare and hotel was free and that made our trip even more fun. It was just us two for a week. She taught me so many things about how to transact with foreign suppliers. She even told me to say yes to someone that asked me out on a date. On our way home, we spent a night in Dubai (both our first time there) and we had the best time seeing a new place together. —CANDY DIZON, jeweler, with her mother Jul B Dizon, and daughter Jacqueline


The most memorable trip I had with my mom was when we went to London in 2017. What made it memorable was that we visited Selfridges Dept. Store to see our bags on display for the first time. Aranaz was created by my mom, and it has been a family endeavor ever since. Bringing the brand to the international market was always part of our dream and Selfridges was one of our first major stockists. So, we were so thrilled to visit to see our bags on display! —AMINA ARANAZ-ALUNAN, creative director and owner of Aranaz, with her mother Becky Aranaz, and sister Rosana


Few weeks before my Mom got married, everyone thought she was single. Very few people knew my Mom and Dad were exchanging love letters on code names and that flowers were being sent to the address of her willing ‘accomplice.’ Friends and family were even more surprised when they found out that Papa was actually 18 years her senior. Growing up, they would often remind us that love is never meant to be easy. There will be moments when you’d have to learn to live far from each other, when you have to fight over who switches the light off, when you don’t just see eye to eye, and when you have to endure the sight of the other suffering in a hospital. My Dad passed away a few months prior to this trip to Boston. It was the first time we traveled together after his death. Since I was three years old, my Mom would bring us to school in the morning and pick us up in the afternoon. Seeing her after class felt like a homecoming. To the person who taught me courage, thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day! —ANNA MAE LAMENTILLO, chairman of Build Build Build committee, with her mother Elnora Yu Lamentillo


When it comes to memorable holidays, Nanay’s the word, literally. My most memorable trip I’ve taken with my mother was our road trip in the U.S with our family back in 2013. My mother never traveled alone. She is the happiest when everyone travels with her because she packs her bags like she’s traveling for a year. Having said that, my mother has lifesaving powers in her handbags. Someone needs sunglass? Adaptors? Food? Water? Nail cutter? Tissues? Band-aid? There’s something about her handbag that’ll make you feel like you’re on a road trip with Mary Poppins. When you’re in a foreign country, away from deadlines of work and the responsibilities of home, you’re given the rare chance to see your mother as a friend. I discovered that my Nanay has a good sense of humor. I’ll never forget the image of my mother dancing on the roof in Fremont, Las Vegas. Also, the first time I saw her panic-stricken when our car GPS led us astray and were left stranded in Death Valley for hours one night. In the middle of a difficult situation, she still managed to pull a well-timed joke that help ease the tense situation. Luckily, we found a small inn in the middle of the desert before midnight. On this trip I learned that my mother would eat lamb for every meal if I let her. I saw her fascination with the pace of every city we visit and felt immense pride in her openness and generosity towards others. Every time we have a stopover, my mother literally would stop to smell the flowers. Her wide-eyed wonder and gratitude remind me to slow down. Almost two and a half weeks of giggling and adventure. Our most memorable trip cemented new bond, not only we could talk about anything, but we could now go anywhere, too. She will always be my mother, my psychologist, my greatest fan, and my best friend. —LESLEY MOBO, fashion designer, with his mother Milagros Mobo

picture with my mother, Milagros Mobo, at Venice Beach, Los Angeles

I got the wanderlust bug from my mother. Every summer when we were kids she would always take us on an adventure to see somewhere new and have new experiences. Naturally, as we got older it was our turn to take her to places. One of my most memorable trips with Mom was our trip to Peru. My sister Maricar wanted to visit her son who was working for the Peace Corps there and we wanted to join her. We chartered a river cruise for a few days traveling along the Amazon to see pink dolphins and monkeys. We went through the city of Lima and Cusco, eventually, making our way up to Machu Picchu. We warned Mom that it was going to be a strenuous trip because of the altitude and the amount of trekking she would have to do but she was unfazed. Machu Picchu is not a senior-friendly site but there she was, with her walking sticks and two cameras, keeping up with all of us. Every now and then I would catch a glimpse of her taking photos and just smiling ear to ear. I saw the look of absolute joy in her face. I will always remember that smile. —RAFE TOTENGCO, fashion designer, with his mother Zenia de la Cruz


Since I was in my teens, my family’s usual annual trip was New York to visit my sister until I was there for college. So, this was the usual trip for us. But the most memorable New York trip we had was with my Mom and Dad. It was memorable because I have four other siblings, and this trip turned out to be just my parents and I. We also decided to get out of the city and visited Nantucket and Amish communities. This was in the year of 2015 and I will never forget it because it was a couple of months right after I had just gotten engaged. Since I was the last to leave the nest, the trip was something I really treasured because I was able to have my and make memories with my Mom and get to really spend time with her before I went on to get married and start a family of my own. Visiting Nantucket and the Amish communities was also so poetic in that it gave us that whole family and cozy vibe through the whole trip.—FININA TUGADE-CASTILLO, entrepreneur, with her mother Marisol Tugade


The most memorable trip I had with my Mom was definitely when she accompanied me to settle in as I moved to Italy for my studies. She took two weeks off her busy schedule and that was the longest time we were together, just us. She got to see my school, my neighborhood, connect me to her friends, and essentially have a glimpse of how my life would be like there. I learned to appreciate her even more because she taught me the ropes of how to turn a house (well, an apartment in my case) into a home and prepping me with detailed reminders to essentially survive without her. All that she put into raising me through the years and everything she taught me seemed to have prepared me for just what I needed to withstand whatever would come my way. Each day leading up to her departure, she slowly let me go. Not to abandon me, but to allow me to grow into a strong independent woman she raised me to be. When she left to fly back to Manila, although it was sentimental, was her way of trusting that I was ready to be on my own. I was grateful to share this experience with my mom and show her that all her investments in me were worth it! —ELLA PANGILINAN, youth advocate, with her mother Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan


My mumsy, Vicky Vizcarra Amalingan Sales, is quite a force. She is both graceful and strong in business and in life. I do enjoy watching her in her element and learning from her. Our last trip to Hong Kong was a business trip for S.C.Vizcarra. Watching her navigate through the busy streets, looking through the best leather, finding her way to her favorite tiny restaurants was such a joy. It also gave me a time to introduce her to Uber and Headspace apps. She gamely listened while I explained the intricacies of Uber X and Uber Black, which I said I ever only used for her. She sat amused as I excitedly fiddled around and dorked my way in my first ever ride in a Tesla. And she sat patiently as I made her listen to Headspace as we sat through traffic. Those moments I treasure. I am a very lucky daughter. —RITA NAZARENO,  designer, with her mother Vicky Vizcarra Amalingan Sales


My mom and I went on a trip to Russia together. It was quite an adventure to see all the historic landmarks. Here is a photo of us in St. Petersburg standing in front of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. —PATRICIA CUSI-RAMOS, designer, with her mother Anne Cusi


My most memorable trip with my mom was in St Moritz Switzerland Holy Week last year. It’s been 20 years since we were able to travel to Europe together and when we finally did, the quaint city of St Mortiz was so charming and beautiful and we had an amazing time bonding with each other and with all of my sisters. —AIVEE TEO, dermatologist, with her sisters and mother Mel Aguilar


2016 was an amazing year for me and my mom, and my sister who just got married. We had mother and daughter trips, we started off in Toronto for my Toronto fashion week show and went straight to Vegas. Mom loves Vegas, so I took her there and we watched shows and even got to watch Britney Spears. I treated her to the scenic restaurant the Eiffel Tower, basically we were up all night and had so much fun together we went straight to Santa Monica and L.A. aside from that trip we also went to Tokyo together for Tokyo exhibit for DTI, then we went to Antwerp fashion festival and also Seoul for the Fashion Art biennale, where I won an award as the artist of the year in the international fashion art biennale. Right after that trip that’s the time I met my husband. Ever since, we’ve been traveling three of us—mother, daughter, and son in law. —HAPPY ANDRADA, fashion designer, with her mother Win Andrada


My favorite travel experience with my mom is probably our trip to Coron, Palawan. Coron is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s like paradise, and being there makes you feel like you’re in another world, away from the craziness of the City. Our stay there gave us time to unwind and really recharge from our busy schedules. And we both loved how private and peaceful the ambiance was. And through that, we were able to just bond and have some quality mother-daughter time. —JAYDA AVANZADO, singer, with her mother Jessa Zaragoza

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