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Talking about Game of Thrones’ upcoming series finale


By Kerry Tinga

The answer to the all consuming question is soon to be revealed: who will hold the one ring to rule them––sorry, I mean, who will sit on the Iron Throne? And, of course, who will die?



“Game of Thrones” (GOT) has become more than just a television series. It is an international media phenomenon that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world with its breathtaking visuals, intelligent plot, and its keen insights on the human condition through profound character development over the years.

Avid fans and viewers are invested, and some even investing, in how it will all come to an end. The show has won countless awards and has broken numerous records. An interesting new title it has claimed with episode three in its final season is becoming the biggest single betting event for a scripted television program in history. Whether you have placed any physical bets, everybody has developed their own theories about how the final episode will play out.

Among the fandom are people from across the spectrum of lifestyle, business, and media, all bringing their own insights from their backgrounds when watching the show. And who knows, maybe you share their exact same theories:

My own father, businessman Freddie Tinga, has been following the show on and off for the past eight years, finally committing to watching it the month prior to the final season.

“Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will kill Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and in his grief he will join the Night Watch. Sansa (Sophie Turner) will become Protector of the North.

And by process of elimination, that leaves Gendry (Joe Dempsie), the bastard child of Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), as heir to the Iron Throne, with Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) as his hand, and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) as his Queen.”

Tony-award winning singer and actress, Lea Salonga often shares with her followers on social media her thoughts on the show. Like a handful of fans, she has been watching from Season 1.

“Because of all the injustices that have hit this family, I would love for a Stark to occupy the Iron Throne. Someone with smarts and cunning to outwit enemies, but also with compassion to truly care for the people. Given all that she’s been through, as well as her training under Petyr Baelish (Aiden Gillen), Sansa seems to be the best person to ascend to the position as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. All that said, given the unpredictability of the show as a whole, it could be anybody.”

“Like millions of fans out there, I am disappointed with how Season 8 of GOT is going,” mentions veteran journalist and newscaster Karen Davila. “It feels rushed and the outcome undeserving of the characters’ journey in the last nine years.”

A strong proponent of women empowerment in the country, she says she feels strongly about the two female leads.

“Daenerys, for example, was built through the years as a woman who has survived and overcame so much evil and advertising in her life. Yet her actions ended up to that of the Mad King. It was unbelievably cliche. Cersei (Lena Headey) all these years, has shown cunning and shrewdness without conscience and yet dies in such an undramatic fashion.”

But how does she see it all coming to an end? “As much as I love Jon Snow, it would be so unoriginal if he ends up on the Iron Throne. Cersei keeping it would have been fabulously wicked and Daenerys getting the throne would be symbolic of women empowerment. But hey, whatever the outcome, I love all the characters regardless, especially Tyrion. Now that is the best developed character in the series!”

FAMAS award winning actress Dawn Zulueta says, “I’m bracing myself for a disappointing finale.” She, of course, is referring to the lackluster reception the final season has been getting, many feeling the showruns have crammed too much in the six-episode season. Nonetheless, she is avidly anticipating the final episode.

“Dany will have Tyrion executed for freeing his brother. Jon Snow will kill Danny while her guard is down, but he will refuse to rule as King. I hope I am wrong.”

Businesswoman and mother of two, Kathy Huang is a new fan of the series, binge watching it just this year, but is no less engaged and passionate about the finale.

“Dany is going to kill Jon Snow. The Men of the Watch and the wildlings will retaliate and kill her. Tyrion somehow gets Lannister armies to rally behind him and he takes the Iron Throne. Sansa marries Tyrion because he’s a good man and they live happily ever after with Arya as her sister, bodyguard, and assassin.”

“It was all a bad dream. Ned Stark (Sean Bean) will wake up and have dreamt it all.” Fashion designer Rajo Laurel gives a reference to the classic soap Dallas.

I wonder how people would react to see a Bobby Ewing-style return of the dearly missed Stark patriarch in the finale, or a similarly out of the box twist ending along the lines of St Elsewhere or Roseanne?

But how does he see it all coming to an end? “Either that,” he adds, “or they all die!”

Now that would be the Game of Thrones fans have come to know!

Do you agree with any of their theories, or do you think you have a better one of your own?

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