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We Would Pop our Eyes Out for ‘That Chicken’

Second time’s the charm as Popeyes make its way back to the Philippines with a lot ofnew things ‘in store’—like literally


By Vianca Gamboa


Popeyes Philippines is the first to unveil the restaurant’s new global image

There is nothing quite like a bucket of crispy chicken to satiate whatever savory cravings we have. And, for Filipinos, the chicken’s quality should never be downplayed.

Every fast food restaurant almost always sashays its fried goodness on the table and ends up tasting just the same, though some are crispier than the others. There are a lot of options vying for your attention, and there are personal favorites that you just can’t put off. But there’s always room for a star.

READY TO SERVE From left: Restaurant Brands International (RBI) Asia Pacific regional president Sami Siddiqui, Matteo Guidicelli, Kuya J Group chairman Atty. Lowell Yu, and Naheem Khan of RBI Asia Pacific

Popeyes, the Louisiana-hailed fried chicken stop famous for its authenticity in the American fast-food game, recently brought its Cajun flavor back to the Philippines. The chicken craze commenced once again at ArCovia City, Pasig last week—and you could tell by the long lines of celebrities, influencers, and media that the Filipinos really waited for this, after making initial buzz in social media months prior the opening.

But what is the real deal behind all the love it’s getting?


4 (11)

Popeyes’ signature fried chicken

Popeyes has been a favorite ever since it launched its groundbreaking Southern-fried chicken recipe 47 years ago from the festive suburbs of New Orleans. Soon it began serving additions like biscuits, seafood dishes, and non-breaded chicken tenders, to promote Louisiana cuisine and, at the same time, grow as a fast food restaurant with a more extensive Cajun-inspired menu. It began hitting different parts of the world. including the Philippines.

Of course, we had a taste of the famous fried chicken meal to see things for ourselves. The result? A mildly spicy number with non-greasy crispy skin and a right amount of tanginess served with Asian-exclusive rice, fries, mashed potato, and the signature tender buttermilk biscuits soaked in honey. It gives a home-y breakfast feel, which is great not just for a hearty lunch, but also for starting the day off and if you want to uplift both your appetite and your mood.


The re-opening kicked things off with a more vibrant, and hipper new global look that’s unveiled first in the Philippines. They shunned the signature red shingle roof and the red-and-yellow color scheme for a zestier new look of orange interiors and a minimalistic entrance display with fresher take on brick and woodworks—setting the youthful Louisiana dining atmosphere with lively and comfortable blue upholstered chairs.


Interior of the newly opened Popeyes restaurant


The new and exciting Manila-exclusive offerings made Popeyes’ comeback one for the books. You’ve already heard about its other bestsellers like the hotcake-like biscuits that come in assorted flavors of hazelnut, white chocolate, and the original that you can glaze with honey. There are also the chicken tenders that you can dip in three different types of signature sauces like the Creole’s traditional Mardi Gras mustard, ranch dressing, and Bold BBQ sauce. Of course, there’s the Chicken French Quarter that has its famous chicken fillet as a patty. Made especially for this Manila branch is the Filipino-style spaghetti, replete with the sweet, meaty sauce topped with hotdogs and cheese, as we like it.

5 (6)

6 (8)

The best thing about it, and what makes Popeyes so much more Filipino-friendly, is the affordable prices. You can get a full meal off of the menu for just under P150 so you have no excuse to chicken out. Popeyes chicken is a lot of bang for the buck, or should we say, buck buck? We’re getting way overboard with the chicken puns but we’re sure you’re getting the point.

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