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Baby’s first food

This 92-year-old brand wants the best for your kids.


Cristalle Belo-Pitt, Vanessa MatsunagaSunga with David, Patty grandidgeHerrera with Neo, Princess Velasco with Milo, Divine Lee-go, and gerber brand ambassadress Andi Manzano-Reyes with her mother Rose Manzano,

Cristalle Belo-Pitt, Vanessa MatsunagaSunga with David, Patty grandidgeHerrera with Neo, Princess Velasco with Milo, Divine Lee-go, and gerber brand ambassadress Andi Manzano-Reyes with her mother Rose Manzano,

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Would you believe that Gerber (pronounced as gerber) is already 92 years old? It has introduced many generations of infants in their first taste of solid food. And over the years, they have heeded to the parenting demands of what should go into these vacuum bottles and that means the best and most natural food should only go into these jars.

At the launch of their #AnythingForBaby campaign, Consumer Marketing Manager Lead for Baby Food Christopher Ang started the program with a lot of great news with regards to this baby food category. “This is what we stand for, and we love your baby as much as we do. We go the extra mile to make sure your baby gets and receives the best care and the best baby food.” He also shared that there are four notes that they want to highlight: greenfield farming (involves no heavy metals in soil and fruits); choose the best soils and seeds in their Michigan farms; every single jar is traceable back to the farm where it was picked; and non-GMO or genetically modified organism.

Gerber baby food comes in many different flavors packed in vacuum-sealed jars.

Now, one wonders how their jars can maintain its freshness sans preservatives. “They’re all vacuum-packed, vacuum-sealed. I did mention we have the purest fruits and vegetables. So nature provides one of the best natural preservatives that has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. So if you look at every jar of Gerber, you put the vitamin C just to make sure it stays fresh longer. Add to it the process of vacuum-sealing and vacuum-packing, there’s no air in it, there’s no harmful germs as well,” explained Ang.

Gerber jars come in two different food groups. First foods with the introduction of three flavors, squash, apple sauce, bananas and carrots. The second group lets your baby explore their taste palette with a mix that includes banana strawberry, mixed vegetables, and exotic dessert.

Motherhood Stories

These new moms share their parenting advice.

Andi Manzano-Reyes on being a mom-of-two:

It’s actually very fun. I remember when I was pregnant with my second, people would always say ‘You know, it’s going to be so much harder.’ ‘You won’t have time for yourself.’ ‘It’s gonna be such a challenge.’ But when I had Amelia, things went smoothly. Yes, there are sleepless and there are some challenges, but for me, I find it so fun. It’s actually easier the second time around.





Princess Velasco on that one parenting advice she followed:

My mom passed away in 2009. That was way before I got pregnant, so I got advice from my mother-in-law. What she said was just let the kids be. Whenever they would fall down, don’t automatically pick them up. Even with my first baby, which happens every time. With every step, I was just there watching. So that is one advice that I will always remember from my mother-in-law.





Tricia Centenera on the challenges of being a first-time mom:

I think it’s just the whole lifestyle. It’s the challenge adjusting from, in my case, being a wife and all of a sudden you’re a wife and a mom, and how to balance it. You’re learning so much, so just you’re like going with the flow and doing the best that you can. It’s fun, though. You know, motherhood will take you for a ride to really high heights and really low lows but it’s all worth it, like you can do anything for your baby.





Cristalle Belo-Pitt on how motherhood has changed her:

My lifestyle has changed, my priorities have changed. I think I’ve stretched as a person. I’ve done things that I thought I could never do. It has changed us in many ways and I love how every stage Hunter is in stretches me as a person. First, as a crawling baby, then now as an active one. It just makes me learn more. I love researching in the internet and then just reading. It’s great that I have this community with these other moms. We love sharing information.

Find out more about #AnythingForBaby and Clean Field Farming on Gerber Philippines’ on

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