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Camille Prats-Yambao: ‘It’s fine. You can still try again tomorrow.’

Five motherhood tips she learned along the way


THE REALITIES OF MOTHERHOOD: "Kaya ba natin ito?" Camille sheepishly wonders out loud as she shots this scene with her children, Nathan and Nala.

THE REALITIES OF MOTHERHOOD: “Kaya ba natin ito?” Camille sheepishly wonders out loud as she shots this scene with her children, Nathan and Nala.

Text by Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Cocoon Studio| Styling by Jeff Galang | Makeup by Lindsay Co-Alog | Hairstyle by Rowena Sonido

It has only been two years since expectant mom Camille Prats-Yambao had her maternity shoot, so having one with the same concept and vibe is out of the question for her. “If I’m going to do it again, it will be entirely different from the last time. I want to tap into the other side of pregnancy, that it’s not really at all glamorous,” shared Camille. “Di ba sa social media, we always want to put it out there that everything’s okay, that everything’s nice, pretty and perfect. When in real life, it’s not and it’s okay.”

The munting prinsesa is now on her third trimester and is due around the first week of July. She revealed what every pregnant mom goes through during this time, “You walk like a duck. I can’t even wear flats anymore, because my feet expands. I wear it in the morning, pasok pa siya. Pag gabi na, hindi ko na siya masuot. I wear sneakers na walang laces, kasi I can’t even tie [it],” she laughed. “I can’t dry my legs anymore after taking a shower. So I just fan the towel para matuyo legs ko kasi hindi ko na talaga abot. You have cravings na hindi mo maintindihan, but you just know you want to eat it.” And like any mom with the extra weight of the baby, she jokingly added, “I can’t even get out of bed. VJ (her husband) has to give me a push.”

Hugs and kisses from the Yambao family.

Soon, the Yambao family will be a party of six with four kids that will make up the happy chaos at home. Camille is psyching herself for her growing family, with a lot of learnings and beautiful mess that come with it. But despite all these mishaps, she knows that there’s always tomorrow to make up for those not-so-good days. “It’s fine. You can still try again tomorrow,” she said reassuringly. Here are some more words of wisdom from the doting mom:

1. Never lose yourself.

Camille gave birth to her firstborn Nathan at 22 years old. “I was very young. I felt I wasn’t sure about a lot of things in my life. Parang nandoon pa lang ako sa time na I’m learning a lot about myself, and all of a sudden, I’m going to be a mom.” Motherhood had to step in, and that’s where she learned to put Nathan first before anything else.

“With Nala naman, it was a different journey for me. I was very emotional. I was too sensitive to a point na hindi ko na nakikilala sarili ko, and I was well aware of that. Losing a big part of myself, parang I don’t recognize who I am anymore based on how I react to things,” she reveals.

Doting mom Camille enjoys a light moment with her children.

She credits self-awareness to keeping it all together. “If there’s one thing na natutunan ko, you always go back to your old self. When you start questioning yourself as a wife, as a mom, you go back to who you used to be, na okay naman ‘yung tao ngayon. She’ll turn out to be okay when it comes to having a family, and you’ll be okay.”

2. Do the things you love.

“Don’t stop yourself from doing the things that you love to do, because it’s also going to help you become a better wife and a better mom,” reminded Camille. She also added that if you’re meant to be a stay-at-home mom, then go do that; but it’s also not bad if you’re looking for more. “If you’re not neglecting anything even though you’re doing other things, then go for that. Kasi feeling ko a part of your sanity is still intact, because you know you are still doing something for yourself and not only for your family.”

3. Take one day at a time.

The realities of parenting: Husband VJ caught Camille in the act of eating her favorite things, while the kids are asleep.

“As a wife, I learned to take things one day at a time,” she said with a smile. She believes that one of the reasons why conflict arises is when we hold grudges. If one doesn’t let go of hatred, and that emotion keeps piling up, “the next thing you know, your marriage is falling apart, or you don’t feel the same way about your husband anymore, because you unconsciously dislike him already.” Camille hopes that people can forgive and let go. “Tomorrow, clean slate na kasi nag apologize naman and we were able to sort it out. Life would definitely be easier if we lived this way.”

4. Don’t give up.

When it comes to raising our children, we should never get tired of reminding them of what is the right thing to do. “Parang sirang plaka tayong lahat. That’s what motherhood is all about. We can’t just give up. We have to make sure na kahit one millionth time ko na sinabi, I’ll still say it again,” Camille said with an exhausted sigh.

All moms can relate to this, and there are times that you almost just want to quit and walk out. Camille rolled her eyes and shared her own stories, “Depende na lang sa mood ko, iba ibang versions maririnig mo. May galit version, may gentle version, may crying version, may frustrated version, mag-emote ka pa: ‘May kulang ba sa akin?’” This is what motherhood is, unavoidable repetitive reminders. “But this is what motherhood is really all about. We cannot give up on our children.”

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

“We now live in a world that needs to be glamorous for everyone to see, but it’s not like that. Life isn’t like that,” explained Camille. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, even with the way you look, even with your weight, even if you look like a mess. Don’t base your life on what you see.”

Most probably her last pregnancy, bloming Camille shows off her growing tummy.

Over the years, motherhood has made her realized that “Tayo (mothers) ‘yung sobrang mag judge, not only to other people but to ourselves.” We put pressure on ourselves and think of us as failures, but we shouldn’t be this way. Forgive, move on, tomorrow is another day to make things right.

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