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What’s the Best Lesson You Learned From Your Dad?


Blew David

My dad’s the type of person that gets work done, does it with passion and does it on time. I have never seen anyone do that every single day and its just really inspiring. He taught us that we dont have to take life too seriously, to enjoy and be at the moment and to be patient and kind to the people around us. He’s the best and I’m eternally grateful for the endless strength and support that he gives, eternally grateful that he is my dad. I love you, Pa! — BLEW DAVID, writer with her father Charles

Amae Guerrero

To never complain and to be grateful on whatever I have. Papa is a man of few words, but he has set an example to our family through his actions. Despite the hardship to send the three of us to school, I never heard him complaining. He’s always there not just to provide but also to support the path we are pursuing —AMAE GUERRERO, social entrepreneur, with her father Godolino 

Reolando Mia and Ian Mia

My father is one of the most practical and technically resourceful people I look up to. He learned how to fix almost everything at home just by observation and trying things out for himself. Usually, you’ll see him at home fixing some things that we didn’t know needed some fixing. Later on in a day you’ll hear him hammering some nails into the wall, hanging or putting up something like a new television set. He also juggles work well by being an entrepreneur of a few small businesses and spending majority of every day as your tooth-rific (see what I did there?) dentist. These are the things I admire and learn from the most about him — something I would probably call creative practicality. He is really someone you can look up to on these kinds of things —IAN MIA, advocate and volunteer, with his father Reolando  


The greatest lesson my dad taught me was to be humble and serve others. As simple as it sounds, this lesson also includes not taking blessings for granted, and not forgetting my role to be of service to those who need it most. In order to convey a message of not taking anything for granted, my dad would constantly tell me about his past. He would recall the mistakes he made, and remind me that I am blessed enough to have someone to warn me and pull me back from possibly making those same errors. With my dad’s constant reminders to count my blessings and find ways to give back, I am able to exhibit a sense of compassion towards the outcasts of society. — EIYO AQUINO, social entrepreneur, with his father Emilio Aquino   

Alyssa Sevilla

One of the most important life advice I got from my Dad is to stay happy despite the daily challenges that we face as individuals and as families. We still need to find time to have fun and laugh. My dad and my mom is a very jolly couple. I’m proud because my Dad’s jokes are really funny. — ALYSSA SEVILLA, researcher, with her father Armando  

Miguel Gaspar

More than learning how to win the hearts of women, the most important thing I learned from my dad was the art and passion for basketball. Basketball, being my first love was a gift given to me by my dad I could never forget, up to now we may be both busy with our daily lives, we still make it up to a point that we talk about the basketball scene every now and then. — MIGUEL GASPAR, researcher, with his father Manuel   

Alyssa Navato

I used to be a worrier. I got anxious when things don’t go out the way it should be. The best thing that I learned from my dad that still resonates with me unto this day is that if you can’t change your situation, change your attitude. My dad is a very cool guy and I am very grateful for all the wisdom he has imparted to me. I love you dad! — ALYSSA NAVATO, psychometrician, with her father Alberto  


The best lesson I learned from my dad is to always be thankful for all the blessings, no matter how big or small they are. He always reminds me to appreciate the gift or talent that God gave, and it will be more meaningful if I will use it to help others. That’s what I continue to do. — MICO XANDER DC RUBICO, math wizard, with his father Alex

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