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My Most Memorable Travel With Dad

The most important man in our life takes us places and shows us the way



My favorite travel destination with my dad is Disney. Doesn’t matter which one as long as it’s a Disney theme park! Call me a child but I love it because every time I go, I remember what it was like when I was younger and my dad would force me to ride the rollercoasters with him no matter how scary I thought it was. He doesn’t ride that much anymore, but it’s nice to remember just how genuinely happy I would be every time he’d bring me there.—BRIAN POE LLAMANZARES, entrepreneur, with his sister Hanna and their dad Neil Llamanzares 


The most memorable trip I had with my dad was when he took me to a bookstore when I was 10 years old. This seemingly minor event stuck to me throughout the years because it was one of his ways of teaching me the value of concepts, such as knowledge, innovation, and curiosity, as these could eventually have the power to change lives.—VITO PUYAT, environmental advocate, in his younger days with his father David Puyat 


One of my most memorable moments with my dad was last September 2015 when we celebrated my 24th birthday in Cebu. That was the last time we went out of town and spent time together before he started getting sick. I cherish every memory I had with my dad and if I have a chance to bring everything back I would.—YNNA ASISTIO, actress, with her father Macario Asistio, Jr.

Kael, when he was younger, with his father Paulo

The most memorable trip was when my dad and I went to Virac with my lolo. Besides the fact that it was the first time flying to a different province, what made it the most memorable for me is that I got to spend quality time with both my dad and lolo. As far as I can remember we went to the beach, we ate fish that were freshly caught, and rode a helicopter. Happy Father’s Day, dad!—KAEL TATAD, athlete, in his younger days with his father Paulo Tatad 


I’ve been with my dad on numerous trips, but I think the most memorable one was my first trip abroad when I was around 13 years old. I was invited to present at an inventor’s exhibition in Tokyo and my dad came with me. It was amazing how he led me through Tokyo and this was before the era of smartphones! My dad was like a pro tour guide. And it wasn’t until many years later that I’ve found out that it was his first trip abroad too!—MIKKI FUDOLIG, researcher, with her father Tony Fudolig 

Marco Manalac with his dad Gabby

The memorable one was when we went to Europe to attend my brother’s MBA graduation last month. We went to France with my mom for the ceremony, and then were able to visit Fatima, Portugal afterward. It was a meaningful and blessed trip both for our family and for our souls. Good time to reflect, bond, and pray!—MARCO MAÑALAC, komikero, with his father Gabby Mañalac 


We would travel regularly with him as a family when we were growing up. He is definitely where I got my wanderlust from. I can’t forget our first time in China. It had just reopened to tourism, so the infrastructure was not yet fully in place. We were in the airport on our way to Guilin from Hangzhou, and we were told our flight would be cancelled. But instead of giving us a schedule of when our flight would be, we just had to wait in the airport and hope for a flight. We waited for three days, arriving at the airport at 8 a.m. and staying till 6 a.m. More and more people would be in the airport. Finally, on the third day we were told a flight was coming, but we had to prepare to run to the airplane when it arrived, and run we did. To this day I still don’t know exactly what that was all about but it was one of the craziest travel experiences I’ve ever had with him.—KAYE TINGA, with her mom and sisters and their father Chua Eng Si 


My dad is a living example of how keeping kindness and perseverance as our core values can get us through in life. He always tries to lend a hand to people whenever possible and he is not afraid to take risks for his family’s growth, as well. He keeps on reminding us to not forget where we came from and to take every struggle and hardship as inspiration to keep moving forward. —KIANNA PORRAS, National Youth Council (NYC) member, with her father Kennedy Porras


I grew up with my grandparents. I don’t think I’ve told this to anyone but I would wet my bed until I was about five or six years old, and by then the only diapers that would fit me were these specific “pull up” diapers that, at that time, were only available in the US. I remember my wowo (what I called my lolo since I was bulol) traveling to L.A. for one weekend just to buy me those diapers! That’s just one of the lengths my wowo went through just because he loves me so much and I am forever grateful for his never-ending love and support.—BJ PASCUAL, fashion photographer, in his younger days with his lolo Silvestre Pascual  

Maxine Syjuco

One of my favorite travel memories with my dad was when we went (literally) next door to inaugurate the new Art Lab, our family’s art atelier in Alabang. This is proof that the most precious moments are not based on how far you travel, but on how meaningful and intimate your time spent is. Spending time with my dad (who has always been my hero and my idol) in our next door home filled with art was truly a dream come true!—MAXINE SYJUCO, artist, with her father Cesare A.X. Syjuco   


My dad’s ready excuse every time my late mom took us traveling was that he always had work. But since his retirement late last year, it doesn’t hold weight anymore. I promptly planned trips to 32 degrees Hong Kong in August and to four degrees Seoul in November. Temperature is important because I realized—after not having traveled with my dad, or as we fondly call him Emperor Chang for so long—is that he enjoys cold climate immensely! Just like me! And he looks extremely good while at it too—winter outfits pre-styled by me, of course. To daddy, I’m looking forward to conversations with you and your silly jokes over hot noodle soup, steaming sweet potatoes, and five-times-a-day meals in another four degrees country. I love traveling, but I love it more when I’m traveling with you, dad. Happy Father’s day! I love you.—DARYL CHANG, stylist and fashion consultant, with her brother André Chang and their father Leoncio Chang.


“Never let schooling interfere with your education” was the lesson my dad said before one of my first solo travels. This was the best lesson that I’ve learned from my dad. He taught me the value of learning beyond the walls of a classroom, to experience things, and bring myself out there in the world despite the failures and pain it might bring. To never let a degree, a piece of paper to define who am I and what I set out to do. I remember this lesson every day, and it is one of the lessons that made me value the true meaning of learning. It allowed me to widen my perspective and deepen my understanding of the world and environment around me. This photo was taken in Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia.—GAB MEJIA, NYC member and National Geographic explorer, with his father Saturnino Mejia  


Growing up, my dad always made it a point to tag along at least one of his kids to travel with him even if it was for work. He would do so for us to gain exposure and understand the purpose of him having to be away from home. One of the most memorable trips I experienced with my dad was a weekend in Lanao del Norte for a leadership training seminar to empower the youth in Mindanao. This area happened to be quite dangerous, requiring us to have military troops to keep us safe. As it’s a place many would dare not to go, him planning this trip taught me that to make a real difference in this country, we must engage to where hope and motivation are needed the most.—ELLA PANGILINAN, Call to Rescue PH board member, with her father Anthony Pangilinan

Redge with father Rom

The most memorable trip I’ve had with my dad was a few years ago, when we took an Amtrak to tour the States. We had a sleeper car for the entire trip but during one leg, I suddenly needed some… “privacy.” Luckily, the next sleeper car to ours was free so me and my “date” had somewhere to “Netflix and chill.” When I came back to my dad’s room, he calmly asked where I’ve been before telling me he saw my shoes shuffling across the hall into the next car…with someone. He hasn’t stopped reminding me ever since.—REDGE TOLENTINO, writer, with his father Rom Tolentino 


On our trip to Thailand, my dad and I went bar hopping in Khao San Road and had good fun checking out the temples.—MARTIE BAUTISTA, sportscaster, with her dad Lloyd Bautista 

Bettina Benitez

My dad’s favorite saying is “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Growing up, my dad always emphasized the importance of learning, especially through experience. This photo was taken in Cagayan Valley during the summer of 2007.— BETTINA BENITEZ, Claremont McKenna College student, with her father Cong. Alfredo Benitez 

Marga Nograles

I am an only child. Growing up, my mom, dad, and I would travel a lot together. But one of my most memorable was my very first trip to Europe, and it was with dad. I remember I had to work during our travel dates but he found a way to make sure I would be able to join him. It was a trip I will never forget. Seeing Europe for the first time, eating, sightseeing, eating, shopping, eating again, and hanging out. My dad loves and lives to eat, so together we experienced and ate the whole of the Mediterranean. And to this day, I still haven’t found vongole better than that one we had in Positano. Happy Father’s Day, daddy! I am thankful every day for the many little things we share together. I love you always and forever.—MARGA NOGRALES, local fashion advocate, with her father Leon Gonzalo Montemayor  


It was in autumn, I was back home to finish my masters, and on a weekend we took a train south, just my Dad and I. We walked from dawn to dusk among the golden-coated high lands between France and Italy, attentive to the wild animals and watching out for berries. We barely said a word, as there was no word to say: We were one conversing with majesty. —LOUIS FAURE, youth leadership program project manager, with his father Maxime Faure 

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