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The gift of empowerment

When it comes to pursuing passions, a parent's role is to be their child's enabler


By Robert Rubin

Growing up in the late 1980s, the world had a pretty stable idea what success was all about. Owning a house, having a family, getting a stable job was the template for success that was instilled upon many of us. The idea of obtaining a college degree, having a stable job for 30 plus years and buying our own home was what we would call the “dream life” for anyone, or so we were led to believe.

In the pursuit of these “dream” set-ups, many lives and souls around the world were indirectly convicted to give up on the passions that were closest to their hearts. Artists joined the corporate world, dreamers enlisted among the hundreds who joined the noble profession of nursing or similar professions in pursuit of what was sold to us — a stable life in exchange for what we may have wanted for ourselves deep within.

When we told our parents or family members of our honest dreams, majority replied that “There’s no money in that! Do (insert profession) instead, it’s good money.” Our lives were conditioned to follow the coin instead of the fulfillment of the soul. Although it bred a hard working generation many of us had this at the expense of our souls.

Now, this generation has become the parents of this decade. From the children we once were, we are now the mothers and fathers of a new generation. Many of us have been indoctrinated during our time into believing what school is good to go to, or that only by having high grades is a child successful, or only by working as this job is the child going to excel in life.

But times have changed. With the advent of information technology and social media, our children are being liberalized at a faster rate that we ever were. Our children, as they grow, will pursue dreams and aspirations that previously were unheard of in our time. They will opt not to go to college so they can focus on their passions of singing, dancing, photography, art, etc…and that is perfectly okay.

Because we are the custodians and stewards of our children’s lives, it is our role to keep them safe and happy. And when they do share their talents to us, we should encourage them to further hone their skills. This is the gift of choice that most of us never had when were were their age.

So what if our children opt to be come artists, or actors, or chef; or they aren’t at the top one percent of the class? The biggest question we should be asking ourselves is “Are our children happy?”

By empowering the gift of our children and by supporting their dreams and aspirations by not living vicariously through them, we will give our children the one thing most of us never had. It’s the opportunity to choose the life they want for themselves not out of need but out of passion. And the result of this will be a relationship like none other between us and the children we brought into this world.

Robert Rubin is the author of The Intuitive Within and founder of Mysterium Philippines and is the leading Tarot Authority in the country with over 23 years of experience. He is married and has 2 lovely children, a Daschund named Isis, and 3 Lovely cats (Ajna, Puff and Luminara). You may learn more about Rob at www. RobRubinReadings. com or

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