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Bringing our daughter to Pride March

Their 5-year-old shares what she learned from attending with her parents

By Kristelle Bechayda

Last Saturday’s stormy weather didn’t even discourage the crowd who went to this year’s Metro Manila Pride March, with the number of attendees breaking records at 70,000 headcount.

Among the large throng of people who came was the Pablo family consisting of Eli, his wife Kathryn, and their 5-year-old daughter Kylie. It was their first time to join in the annual parade, where they wanted to introduce their daughter to the LGBTQA+ community.

“We are a world-schooling family and we want our daughter to be able to see and experience the world,” explains 41-year-old Kathryn in an interview with Moms and Babies. “We believe that if we cultivate in ourselves and in our daughter the foundations of bias-free thinking, we will succeed in equipping her with the tools necessary to be mindful and thoughtful of others and her surroundings. We feel that it is also very important to start this early.”

Kathryn, her husband Eli, and their daughter Kylie with the Pride@Tech community at the recent Pride March. (Photo from Marv Echipare's Facebook account.)

Kathryn, her husband Eli, and their daughter Kylie with the Pride@Tech community at the recent Pride March. (Photo from Marv Echipare’s Facebook account.)



The Pablo family attended this year’s parade with Pride@Tech community. Kathryn recounted how her daughter Kylie enjoyed participating during the event and the takeaways she shared with them afterwards, saying, “Today, I learned to love everybody. Everybody can love.”

“At her age, the parade isn’t really about big concepts, but about celebrating the basic concept of love – that everyone and anyone can love. This is what she understands and what she took away from the event. We are happy that we took this first step,” adds Kathryn, who feels proud of her daughter.

An opportunity to observe

Despite the challenges and risks in joining a crowded parade, the Pablo family still hopes to participate in Pride March in the upcoming years, not just in the Philippines but also abroad.

“We recognize that these kinds of parades may have certain tones that may raise questions in our daughter’s mind, such as ‘Why do boys wear tutus?’ Being able to catch these ‘teachable opportunities’ is key.” Kylie’s mom explains.

The main takeaway Kathryn and her husband wished to impart to their daughter when they brought her to Pride March is for her to get acquainted with different kinds of people and to foster an attitude of inclusiveness in her.

“We are working to raise a human being that is mindful and thoughtful of her surroundings and the world,” explained Kathryn. “At her age, she has little to no under standing of the concept yet, but we wanted her to experience first hand what it is like to be surrounded by many different people.”

“There are many different people in the world, each with their own culture and struggles. A world-schooler yearns to understand what the world is about and goes out there to combat prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,” Kathryn ends.

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