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The China not everyone knows about


By Dom Galeon  

Most of those who have been to China have been to cities on its eastern shores. There’s Guangzhou and Shanghai, modern cities that serve as entry points to the rest of the Mainland. There’s Beijing, the political and cultural center of China. Filipino tourists are familiar with these cities.

The Nine Dragons at the Karamay River

The Nine Dragons at the Karamay River

Deep inside the Mainland, some five hours away by plane from Guangzhou and Beijing, sits a province that many have not heard about: Xinjiang, one of the five autonomous regions in China.

What makes Xinjiang a unique region, however, is its people. Unlike most of China, this province is a cultural melting pot of ethnic groups that include the Uyghur (the most dominant), Kazakh, Hui, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Tajik, Xibe, Manchu, Ozbek, Rus, Daur, and Tatar. The region is also home to a Han Chinese population.

Join Manila Bulletin Lifestyle on a tour around Xinjiang, visiting the region’s more prominent cities like Ürümqi, Karamay, and Kashgar, and getting to know the diverse cultures found in this cultural melting pot.


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