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By Raffy Paredes

Here are today’s featured readers and their photos.

  • Untitled (Shauang Bote)

    Untitled (Shauang Bote)

  • Summer Feels (Dandy Q. Belleza)

    Summer Feels (Dandy Q. Belleza)

  • Nakakaaliw Na Ganda (Boybing Bartolome)

    Nakakaaliw Na Ganda (Boybing Bartolome)

  • Lifesaver (Marc Jolas Aquino)

    Lifesaver (Marc Jolas Aquino)

  • Life Is Good (Leo B. Dilay)

    Life Is Good (Leo B. Dilay)

  • Kabuyao Sunrise (Niji Lacsamana)

    Kabuyao Sunrise (Niji Lacsamana)

  • Duck, Cover, And Hold!! (Mark Wynn O. Combo)

    Duck, Cover, And Hold!! (Mark Wynn O. Combo)

  • Beach Taho (Kevin Amante)

    Beach Taho (Kevin Amante)

  • Bayanihan (Ryan Eduard Benaid)

    Bayanihan (Ryan Eduard Benaid)

  • At the Cross (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

    At the Cross (Mandy N. Buenconsejo)

    Boybing Bartolome sent in the photo of a dancer at the annual Aliwan Festival titled “Nakakaaliw na Ganda.”

    From Dandy Q. Belleza is the photo, “Summer Feels.” He writes: “Summer is really hot but it’s also nice because of the long vacation, and we have lots of times swimming on the beach and the like. This is at Atulayan Island in Camarines Sur during our excursion and bonding time with friends.”

    Leo B. Dilay shares an everyday event from Quiapo titled “Life is Good.” His description reads: “Finding extra to ordinary scene in the busy streets of Quiapo. The candid and playful portrait of the child always reminds us life is beautiful.”

    The silhouette photo, “At the Cross” is from seafarer Mandy N. Buenconsejo. He took the photo in Burias Island, Masbate during the Holy Week.

    Marc Jolas Aquino of the Registrar Office at Our Lady of Fatima University – Antipolo Campus submitted the photo “Lifesaver.” Writes Marc: “Santino! That’s the name of the dog that always followed us during our vacation. He is so lovely that we thought of taking him home, just kidding.”

    Mark Wynn O. Combo, a public high school teacher at the Mahabang Parang NHS in Binangonan, Rizal and a photo enthusiast since 2013 contributed the photo “Duck, Cover, and Hold!” His photo description:  “Taken during the earthquake drill in our school. Students are being thought about the importance of safety in case of a natural calamity such as an earthquake.”

    Niji Lacsamana from Ilocos Sur shares the photo, “Kabuyao Sunrise.” “Finally!” writes Niji. “After standing for hours on a chilly 13°C night at Mt. Kabuyao, the sun began to illuminate the foggy city of Baguio and cast pastel hues in the sky.”

    “Bayanihan” was taken by Ryan Eduard Benaid in a residential area in Brgy. 310, Sta. Cruz, Manila while a fire was raging in the area last month.

    The untitled light painting photo comes from Shauang Bote of Bulacan. “I like learning new stuff about photography and what caught my attention is light painting,” shares Shauang. “It is a trial-and-error process, for I don’t have the right tools for doing such genre. I use DIY light painting tube, or anything that has light in it, those fairy lights that cost about P200-P300 and those plastic swords that are sold at perya during the night. Just about anything at that can emit light. For this photo I used fairy lights which I coiled on a colored plastic sword. Then I set my camera just like when doing long exposures (the aperture and the shutter speed) (must be in Manual mode) and its timer to at least 5-8 secs depending on how long you are going to draw a figure. The background must be pitch-black so that the light streaks stand out but it can be done with any background or with a subject/model. I just double expose this so that it won’t look flat. Light painting is my way of channeling my creative side and capturing it, for I don’t know how to draw using pencil or crayons.”

    And from Kevin Amante is the photo, “Beach Taho.”

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