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The V Facial Lift

The new plant discovery at Clarins called the organic agropyron powers the science behind the latest go-to treatment for facial contouring


By Vianca Gamboa

Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift

Asian women are known to have round, puffy facial features and while it’s because of a lot of factors like food that cause facial bloating, genetics play a bigger role. Although the chances of our face firming up with diet are slim, there are other ways of achieving the perfectly chiseled face shape.

To some, this is where invasive surgeries come in. People frequent aesthetic centers to get the now-trendy “V” shape face as characterized by a prominent, narrow jawline and lifted cheekbones. Even celebrities endure these cosmetic procedures to do away with the hassles of every day makeup contouring. The risks that come with surgeries, however, are far more worrisome. If you’ve seen an episode of Botched, you probably know by now the horrific effects of plastic surgery gone wrong, resulting in cosmetic disasters ranging from a deviated nose job to actual health complications like infections and hematoma.

The latest advancement in facial contouring delivers 97 percent effectiveness in lifting and defining the face in just a month of usage.

But thanks to the experts at Clarins, there’s the V Shaping Facial Lift. The French luxury skincare brand has delved deep into morphology and cosmetic innovation by using plant extracts to develop this simple, lightweight, non-invasive serum that can sculpt, slim, and depuff the face. The latest advancement in facial contouring delivers 97 percent effectiveness in lifting and defining the face in just a month of usage. It is a new powerful addition to Clarins’s three-step Shaping Facial Lift beauty routine after its intensifying eye contour with Enhancing Eye Lift Serum and relieving puffiness and swelling with V-Facial Intensive Wrap.

clarins shaping range

Its organic oat sugar component tightens the skin around the face for The latest advancement in facial contouring delivers 97 percent effectiveness in lifting and defining the face in just a month of usage. a visible immediate lift effect. The organic guarana extract and plant caffeine slim facial features to make it look more defined while the Zerumbet ginger extract and horse chestnut aescin revive radiance and reduce puffiness. Finally, hyaluronic acid gives the skin extra hydration and moisturizing action against natural and manual frictions.

But the real science behind the V Shaping Facial Lift is powered by Clarins’s new plant discovery called the organic agropyron. The supergripping “lifting” power of this wheatgrass component works hard in exercising gravity restraint to reveal the perfect contour.

After learning that unhealthy diets aren’t the only factors that alter the face’s natural contour, scientists directed much attention to other external elements such as UVA/UVB rays and pollution, which weaken the skin’s support network. Internal influences such as excessive fatty tissues and water retention may cause the face to bloat as well. But the main culprit is the natural pull of gravity that deforms the face’s natural contour. It may sound a little bit complicated but this has always been the case for every object on the face of the earth, which includes aging skin.

Clarins V Shaping Facial Lift2

“When you talk about skincare, it’s usually just all about skin and enhancing its texture, removing blemishes, moisturizing,” says Clarins Group assistant brand manager Marie Gheane Laurente. “At Clarins, we’re more than skin-deep. We go the extra mile to tackle more facial concerns like what our new product addresses. With the Clarins V-Facial Lift, we deal with burning off fat and draining excess water without the harsh effects to achieve the perfect V-shaped face. This product is at par with Clarins’s old tradition of skincare beliefs because we are scared of bad results and side effects so we only stick to natural ingredients. The guarana extract and agropyron do their jobs well in uplifting for long-term effect, and not just an instant contour, because the consequence that comes with slimming and depuffing is losing mass and developing a lot of free space, and this results to falling skin.”

To fight the pull of gravity and achieve the perfect V-shape, Clarins also introduces its special facesculpting “auto-lifting” application method. It is a form of DIY lymphatic drainage massage that uses gentle brush strokes and face-patting to help promote better blood circulation and puffiness reduction. You can do this by patting two to three pumps (a little goes a long way) of Clarins V Facial Lift serum to your face, neck, and collarbone. You can now draw your facial contour by putting pressure onto your head using your cupped palms, covering your eyes and forehead for 10 seconds, followed by your cheek and jaw for another 10 seconds. Then clench your fists and place them under your jaw. The last step is to press firmly on your collarbones three times.

If you want to learn how to thoroughly do these simple steps right and learn more about its benefits, drop by Clarins Spa Services at Rustan’s The Beauty Source and learn from their facial experts.

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