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Grow together with homeschooling

Celebrity parents share why there’s no place like home for educating children


By Tina Santiago Rodriguez

Indeed, “home” can mean many different things to each person. And to many people, the phrase “No place like home” rings so true. It especially hits home (see what we did there?) for parents who have chosen to take on the task of being their kids’ primary educators in all aspects, including academics.

Yes, we’re referring to those parents who are homeschooling their children, the number of which is currently on the rise in the Philippines. “No Place Like Home” is also the theme of the upcoming Philippine Homeschool Convention (PHC), drawing inspiration from the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner Mahatma Gandhi: “There is no school equal to a decent home, and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”

Set to take place on Sept. 7 at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura Premier, the PHC’s lineup of international and local speakers will help inspire and equip parents to educate their kids not just academically but in other aspects like character, virtue, and life lessons. The convention is open to new and veteran homeschoolers, and anyone else who is interested in learning why there is “no place like home” when it comes to our children’s education.

Speaking of “no place like home,” here are some homeschooling parents’ heartwarming thoughts on the topic:

There is no place like home, especially for those who homeschool. Here, we hold our time. The goal is for kids to enjoy learning and not take away that enthusiasm from them just because they are not at par with others. You give your child more attention with their concerns and in the process get to know your child even better. The attention you give to them gives them confidence. You’re able to guide them better.

Homeschooling parents also learn along with their kids. It’s fun to see us all grow! There are just more things to do when you hold your own time. Homeschooling does more to a child’s heart when they have more time to be with their parents.

More than the education, it’s being with them throughout everything. Before you know it, they will be the ones to tell you when it’s time for you to let them go their own way, and you’ll be more than ready because you’ll know their hearts and you’re confident in the persons you’ve raised. —Chesca Garcia-Kramer, wife to Doug, mom to Kendra, 10, Scarlett, 7, and Gavin, 6

Home is wherever we can be as long as we are together. During these times, we have magic moments where we can talk about deep questions and worries, and build up each other by learning together. There is no place like home, because it becomes a safe place where we can challenge each other to excel and feel secure that when we make mistakes, it is the best teacher. Ever since I started being more intentional, I heard myself say, “I can’t imagine not doing this. My kids are thriving and I am being renewed day by day. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.” —Feliz Lucas, businesswoman and homeschooling mom to Ethan, 5, and Calea, 2

W h e n it comes to teaching our kids, there is no place like home. In fact, home educating gives us the opportunity to make the world our classroom. Be- cause we have the freedom to take our time and study anywhere, we get to constantly learn from different people, places, and experiences beyond a room’s four walls. —Sheena Sy Gonzales, travel writer, designer, and homeschooling mom to Luke, 4, and Dylan, 8 months

It is in our very own home that our children must learn about values and morals. The educational system can teach your kids how to be smart intellectually. Family values can teach your kids how to be smart morally. Your personal experiences and mistakes in life can teach your kids how to be smart skillfully. We, as parents, want to focus more on teaching them about the right character. Another area is their life skills, especially since I teach people money management skills. If I am not able to impart the same values in teaching others, I cannot consider m y – self to be successful if my kids are a failure. Success without a successor is a complete failure. Lastly, value relationships. If you have no deep relationship with your kids, all you have worked for is meaningless. Our kids need a home where they will be safe, where we can be trusted. When they make mistakes, they know we will not condemn them but support them and be with them in the process. It is not about us, it is all about the next generation. So we want to encourage everyone to put more emphasis on why education starts from our very own home. —Chinkee and Nove Ann Tan, homeschooling parents for 13 years and counting to Kayla, 18, Jethro, 17, and Destiny, 14. Chinkee is an author of 13 books, and is a wealth coach, motivational speaker, digital influencer, and radio and TV personality. Nove is the vice president of the Philippine Homeschoolers Association

James Comer said, “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.” That’s why “no place like home” is so, so true. The parent-child relationship is the first and most important relationship in the life of a young child, and that relationship is formed in the home. Home is where all foundations for growth begin. —Donna Pangilinan Simpao, M.D., homeschool advocate, mom to Vince, 20, Marco, 20, Raya, 16, and Gino, 14

Every child has a unique way of learning. We love how our daughter Zia is into arts and, as homeschoolers, we get to use arts to effectively teach her. She designs clothes for her Barbie dolls using clay and excels in painting and other artsy stuff. We believe that being in a homeschool setup is what led her to achieve these and, as parents, we are privileged to be witnessing her everyday growth and development. —Omni and Bryce Larrosa, marketing and training practitioners, entrepreneurs, family vloggers, and homeschooling parents to Zia, 6, Zela, 4, and Zed, 1

Based on what our fellow parents have shared here, one could say that there is truly no place like home when it comes to forming and teaching our children. Learn more about what this means from the different speakers at the No Place Like Home Philippine Homeschool Convention 2019.

Register for the PHC now and avail of the Early Bird Rate of R1,000 until Sept. 1. Walk-in rate is R1,200. |

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