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Detecting Autism

Here are some common symptoms of autism spectrum disorder


Patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) generally have difficulty with their social skills, speech, and nonverbal communication. A broad range of symptoms are being covered by ASD, with the cases varying from one another.

This might pose a challenge for parents in finding out if there is anything worrisome in their child’s development, prompting Makati Medical Center to list down the following common signs of ASD that parents should look out for:

Lack of response

According to Dr. Ana Maria M. Treichler-Borgaily, who is the head of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Section of the hospital, children with ASD may appear to be unengaged and antisocial. Poor eye contact, inability to get other people’s attention, and trouble responding to own name or physical touch are some of the signs parents may notice. Infants, on the other hand, may also be difficult to engage in social interaction.

Speech difficulty

A simple delay in learning words may not be the only indication that a child has ASD. There are some who may learn how to speak by making use of odd tones and intonations, while others may exhibit echolalia where they repeat words and sounds being said to them. Difficulty with pronouns, as well as conversational skills, may also be a problem.

Developing quirks

Children with ASD are particular about routine or structure. Deviating from what they are used to such as rearranging the furniture in the house may upset them. They may also develop obsessive interests like staring at a single object for extended periods of time or lining things up in a certain order. There will also be cases when a child may seem to be developing normally but certain milestones that were already achieved suddenly disappear.

Though the possibility of one’s child to have ASD may be difficult for parents to accept, Dr. Treichler-Borgaily reminds that observing one or two symptoms does not make a diagnosis. Multiple factors that disrupt a child’s ability to explore, communicate, build relationships, learn, and play are being considered, making it important to consult with medical professionals for a proper diagnosis.

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