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  • One of Asia’s Finest Bartender curates an exclusive selection of Aqua Boracay

One of Asia’s Finest Bartender curates an exclusive selection of Aqua Boracay





Give way! Two masters from Bali, Indonesia and Spain has been working to give a one-of-a-kind-concoctions and a modernized perspective of dishes in the Philippines. We’re talking about the Bali’s King of Cocktail, Raka Ambarawan, and the owner of the Gallery by Chele and Stvdio Lab –Chef “Chele” Gonzales. These foreign natives find their heart in the Philippines as they showcase their expertise in en-rooting the best-of-the-bests menu of Aqua Boracay, a luxurious resort located in Bulabog Island, with its unique different level of experience, a day club of its own.



Last July 3 at Gallery by Chele, BGC, these pros boost up the night as they gave a glimpse of the Sexy Pool Menu of The Day Club. The night turns the table into a tropical festive of delight, and heated the ambiance with savory cocktails.

The event starts with Chef’s explanation of the menu, “For the whole menu, [a touch of] different tropical elements with a personal design. I want to make it affordable for Filipinos yet not boring but sophisticated” he explains. Chef’s journey in the different islands of Philippines makes him witness the levels of paradise- it was a taste of Philippine paradise, draws his inspiration and leads to this menu’s creative concept.

After this, the shaker and the jigger of Bali’s King of Cocktail come to life as he spices the flavor with calculated strokes and shakes, and attempts of a consistently perfect taste, which he is good at. The night was filled with a gist of party sound and chitchat of guests, press, food bloggers and chef’s friends.

The best part of the event is the exhibition of the recipes, highly sophisticated finger foodsbest for food grub in poolside like a premium taste of Fritters, a juicy Coconut Tempura, Grilled Shrimp Tacos with a sweetness of pure mango, Parmesan Nuggets, and a handy but full Chori Burger and the Tuna Sliders.

All of the foods are complementary to Raka’s masterpieces. Raka’s mixture of juice, citrus,tequila all in one makes a full-bodied drink, which makes it the main highlight of the event.He mentioned he had worked on the cocktails for eight months, with its extensive cogitation presents a perfect kick of the day. Ready to taste a diverse fusion of nippitaty and palatableness. Cocktails inspired by the tropical wonders of Philippines.


  • Wine and Basil, a rose colored drink,with a taste of a roasted pineapple juice, acid feeling of lime and bourbon- a blend of flavors with a bracing kick.
  • Spicy Kalamansi, mixof tequila, chili syrup and lemon juice, the other side of calamansi taste. A spirited citric spicy savor.
  • Aqua Sour, the most favorite of the guests, a white colored drink with bourbon, angoustura bitter and a taste of kalamasi that stays in the mouth, a little bit of sourness but undeniably tasty.
  • Choco RhumValder, the top choice of Raka among the four, a manly taste of campari, red vermouth and chocolate, an experience of heat from your throat and a bit hint of chocolate’s sweetness.


You can’t resist with the kingly cocktail of Raka, the master of the craft.Experience the reopened Boracay more with the Day Club in the island.You can’t be full by just reading this; try and share your experience on FB @theaquaboracay and IG @aquaboracay. Learn more on





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