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Raising A Libra

Five things a parent should know about these expressive and assertive individuals

Moms and Babies 3
By Robert Rubin | Illustrations by Roc Verdera

So you have a Libra child. Ever wonder why they take their time when it comes to decision making? Or why they enjoy resting after finishing everything in their to-do list? It’s always helpful to know a little bit more about what makes your bundle of joy tick as a Libra, and what you can do to maximize the latent gifts innate to them.

As a predominant air sign, your little Libra will be drawn toward order and systems. The more intellectual and deep the topic, the more likely it will be of interest to them. With the scales representing this sign, it’s not surprising to know that your little Libra will likely be fixated on balance, order, and harmony in their life. Being ruled by the planet Venus, Libras adore art and high intellectualism, so don’t be surprised if your little angel ends up attracted to artistic and philosophical topics later on in life.

Here are some helpful tips to unlock the amazing potentials within your little Libra:

Libra- Get them involved in arts

Get them involved in arts

Libras have a natural inclination toward the arts. They love to give their two cents on things of beauty. You can cultivate this gift of theirs early on by letting them take part in the creative decision making process, such as how their rooms should be decorated or what clothes they should wear. They will take great pride in portraying things of beauty in their lives, so be sure to get their participation by encouraging them to share their opinions on how they present themselves.

Libra- Refrain from rushing a LibraRefrain from rushing a Libra

Even at an early age, they will not like being hurried. They enjoy taking their sweet time, so give them the space they need to do things at their own pace. Giving them their own art room, or giving them open time to accomplish things on their own can let them express themselves properly. This is a good way to harness the gifts of self-expression in your little Libra.

Libra- Be ready for an outspoken child

Be ready for an outspoken child

Libras have a natural magnetic personality, and they will also be very outspoken and opinionated. Now, old cultures would have taken this out early on. But in this modern generation, this is a trait that’s celebrated and developed. Giving your child an avenue to speak and share their opinions will be a good way of getting them used to the potential of public speaking in the future. This is one of the many things that the Libras are good in. Furthermore, allowing them to develop stage confidence in performing arts lessons will help further the gift of magnetism in your Libra.

Libra- Libras can be easygoing so don't be tough on themLibras can be easygoing, so don’t be too tough on them

Having such vivid imaginations, Libra children prefer to simply laze around once they are done putting things in order such as their rooms, their school books, and the like. Don’t think of this as a streak of unproductivity, but understand that this is how Libras “recharge” themselves. Don’t overload a Libra’s schedule with things to do, especially when they’re done with accomplishing their tasks. They may start to oppose such chores, and may result to becoming uncooperative due to their assertive nature.

Libra- Watch out for indecisivenessWatch out for indecisive

As your little Libra begins to grow, you may begin to notice that they have trouble choosing and making up their minds. This is due to the fact that they seek order in most of the things that they do. If this occurs, it simply means that they have not found the most orderly option available. With little Libras, it’s important that we do not press our decisions upon them. Instead, give them the options so that they themselves can weigh the potential positives and negatives. Thus, making their own decisions independently. Remember to act as an advisor, not as a dictator.

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