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Six easy tips everyone can do for healthy eyesight


By Kim Reyes-Palanca


We tend to take our eyesight for granted and only consider proper eye care when problems arise.

In the last two years, I’ve visited The Asian Eye Institute and Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic Center to get a comprehensive eye exam and check-up, while also learning about proper eye care along the way.

Here are some valuable lessons for vision care:

Get checked


An eye exam and/or comprehensive eye check-up should be done at least once a year, or every two years, depending on age and risk factors. For children, it should be done regularly to monitor eye health.

Eye makeup


For those with sensitive eyes, dry eyes, and people who wear glasses or contacts, makeup artists and experts recommend using dermatologist-approved, hypoallergenic eye products especially for mascaras (Clinique and Neutrogena are popular) and eyeliners to prevent irritation.


Eye drops or lubricants


Eye drops like artificial tears help soothe dry andtired eyes. Use only prescribed or ophthalmologist-recommended drops. Be careful when using over-the-counter eye drops and make sure your doctor checks anything you use for safety (including those popular menthol or cooling eye drops from Japan).


Contact lenses


Be extra careful when wearing contact lenses to avoid scratching the eye’s surface and even damaging it permanently. More importantly, disposable contact lenses should be tossed out and not worn longer than what the package indicates. Never sleep with them on!



There are different kinds of Lasik or refractive laser procedures to correct vision. This treatment is very low-risk and already a very common type of procedure. Don’t be afraid to get a consultation to also understand the current condition of your eyes.




Eyesight can be unstable and can change from time to time. Wear prescription glasses that match your current vision’s condition. This will prevent headaches and eye strain and other complications.


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