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New skincare line promises to fight excess oil, not skin



For someone who has oily and sensitive skin, finding skincare items that address both issues can be stressful. A lot of oil-control products tend to be harsh, drying the skin and leaving it irritated. Mild formulations, on the other hand, are too gentle on the skin that it ends up doing nothing. Add acne on top of that and one can get even more breakouts in figuring out what items to trust.


This is a dilemma that Avene Philippines wishes to address with its new line of skincare products, Cleanance. A French brand under the famous Eau Thermale Avene line, this newcomer brings the following to skincare fans: cleansing gel, micellar water, mattifying lotion, skin refining serum, emulsion, spot corrector, and sunscreen.

“It is the ultimate solution to oily skin for both men and women,” says Anna Karennina Talatala, head of marketing for Karihome Philippines. “It is made especially for acne-prone skin with spots and blackheads because it contains gentle and active ingredients, which regulate sebum production and reduce the appearance of blemishes without drying the skin.”

In celebration of the new line of products, Avene has also launched Shine-Free Week, a six-day affair at the concourse of SM Makati featuring multiple booths that will not only explain each product’s function in detail, with freebie samples for testing, but also educate participants on matters of the skin.

Karen Gavino, guest dermatologist during the launch, says the skin’s oil production is completely normal. Sebaceous glands produce an oily or waxy substance called sebum, which is meant to lubricate and waterproof skin and hair. Sebum only becomes a problem when it’s excessive. “When this happens, not only do you look oily, it also blocks the pores, making the skin more prone to acne flare-ups.”

Despite widespread knowledge on better ways to care for the skin, there also remains numerous skincare myths among Filipinos, especially when it comes to dealing with oily and acne-prone skin. “One of the most common myths is that if you have oily skin, you don’t need to moisturize anymore,” she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “That’s not true because the oil does not hydrate the skin.”

Other misconceptions include overwashing the face, exfoliating daily, cleansing with a laundry bar soap to mattify the skin, and treating acne with toothpaste. Karen says all these are no-nos. “The goal should never be to dry out the skin,” she says. “You should respect the skin’s natural moisture.”

What then should a skincare regimen for oily and acne-prone skin look like? Karen suggests three simple steps. “Generally, the goal of a skincare regimen should be to cleanse thoroughly, moisturize, and protect the skin,” she says. She admits, though, that there is no one-regimenfits-all routine. “One should consult a dermatologist for a skincare routine fit for the person,” she says. “The reason I’m here is to give you expert advice for your skin’s own good.”

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