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You need to take a nap

The health benefits of napping



The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for adults per night to function optimally. Unfortunately, results from a survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Princess Cruises in 2018 showed that 51 percent of adults worldwide get less sleep than they need on an average per night. Approximately 80 percent of adults spend their weekends catching up on lack of sleep over the weekdays. In terms of global comparisons, the most sleep deprived countries are UK, Singapore, Australia, USA, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

We need not emphasize about how sleep deprivation harms one’s health because we do feel the negative side effects on our mental, emotional, and physical states. Even our productivity and safety is greatly affected. We may know the importance of getting adequate and quality sleep but it is truly a challenge to achieve this on a nightly basis. Especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle. The Institute of Functional Medicine provides a solution to your problem. That is to squeeze in a few minutes of nap time into your schedule during the day. Here are some potential health benefits of napping:

Some people might feel guilty if they take a few minutes to rest and nap. Napping should label you as being lazy. It in fact makeyou a sensible person that prioritizes health and excellence at work. You will accomplish more tasks efficiently and excellently if you are in the right condition to work after taking a nap. So how should you go about napping? Here are some practical tips on how to take quality naps:

• Go to a comfortable, quiet and if possible, dark place. You can also use a sleep mask and ear plugs to dampen the noise.

Play a soft music that will lull you to sleep.

• Use camomile or lavender essential oils to help you relax and facilitate sleep.

• Set your room temperature to about 18 to 22 degress Celsius if you can control it. Cooler room temperatures are ideal for napping.

• Do deep breathing as you prepare yourself to sleep. Focus on your breath and begin to empty your mind. Just let those thoughts pass through your mind without entertaining them.

• Remember to set your alarm. Longer napping time may lead to sleep inertia or a period of grogginess following sleep. It may also lead to difficulty falling asleep at night.

• At the end of your nap, remember to take it slowly and breathe evenly. Open your eyes slowly and allow for them to adjust to the light.

Make napping a habit especially if you are perennially sleep deprived. You will reap the benefits in no time.


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